Ancient Voices
A Museum to spotlight the least known people in North America;
the Indiginous Women.

link to Lori Piestewa - Fallen warriorLink to Sandra Sunrising Osawa - Independant film-makerLink to Ann Standing Woman Hancock - an honoringLink to Beatrice Coffy Thayer representing the Native American Women who have served in the Military  abroad in all warsLink to LaDonna Harris - PoliticianLink to Norma Smallwood - Miss America 1947Link to Maria Tallchief - prima ballerinaLink to Susbe - brave Dakota womanLink to Susan LaFlesche - first Native American doctorLink to Susette Bright Eyes LaFlesche - First Native American woman activist for Native American rightsLink to Vanessa Short Bull - First Native American Miss South DakotaLink to Poison - Lived to be over 100 years oldlink to Wilma Mankiller - First woman chief of the Cherokee Nationlink to clothing designslink to the diabetes pagelink to Sara Winnemucca - translator and negotiator for the US Army link to a page on the trail where they cried,Wounded Knee, and other historic atrocities

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