The Mystic Warriors of the Plains :
The Culture, Arts, Crafts, and Religion of the plains

by Thomas E. Mails

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Shooting Star Pr; ISBN: 1569248435

Synopsis: Used by Kevin Costner as a resource while making the film Dances with Wolves, this classic text is avidly sought after by anyone with an interest in Native American history and the West. A highly readable text combines with more than 1,000 illustrations to create a fascinating evocation of the life and times of an industrious, sensitive, and contented people. 32 color plates. 80 photos. 15 maps. 15 charts.

A reader from Pipestone, Minnesota, USA, wrote on August 23, 1998

This book is better than a years class in Nat Am. Studies
I teach Native American cultures to children and adults alike at the Little Feather Indian Center in Pipestone, Minnesota. Ever since I first saw this book back in '95 I have had it by my side when giving a talk. If I don't know the answer to a question, I look it up in this book. I call it my Bible. It is the best source I know for information on the Plains Tribes. The pictures are works of art, and Mails has so much knowledge that he imparts to the reader. If you want to know more about the Plains Tribes do get this book, it is a little bit expensive but worth every cent. I promise.

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