The Pipestone Catlinite Quarriers Guild has been formed for the purposes of protecting the integrity of the stone from the Pipestone quarries and the honor and autonomy of all genuine Pipestone Catlinite quarriers. It is hoped that with consistent publicity the Guild will be recognised as the exclusive organization for people who quarry the most Sacred stone in the world. Anyone who is a member will automatically be known as someone who is traditionally quarrying in the only place in the world that Pipestone Catlinite comes from. Any stone which the members have for barter or sale will be guaranteed as being the genuine stone from the Pipestone quarries.

The trade of ‘Quarrier’ is an archaic one, listed in Medieval Occupations from old Anglo Saxon manuscripts. So it is fitting that such an ancient trade should be protected by a Guild which were originally started in the first Millennium to protect the ‘Gildsmen’ from theft. The Guild would meet periodically to discuss any wrong-doing that their members had to deal with between meetings. They would decide what should be done and then mete out punishments. In 993 the churches tried to dismantle the Guilds so that the problems would be bought before the priests. The Guilds continued though because they were so powerful.

Guilds have recently started a comeback in many trade areas. A Chartered Guild has to have at least 10 members who agree to follow the Guild’s Charter, unlike an Un-chartered Guild.

The Pipestone Catlinite Quarriers Guild’s objectives are:
To Promote and Represent the Pipestone Quarriers
To ensure that the authenticity of the quarriers receive adequate publicity by the Guild.
To encourage ethical and professional business conduct.
To Protect and Ensure Quality of Pipestone Catlinite.

The Guild will provide continuous publicity on the Internet and elsewhere to ensure that the public understand that there is only one place where the genuine Sacred stone comes from. By doing this the Guild expects the public to contact the Pipestone quarriers to obtain their stone, instead of buying the lower priced false stone. This will further protect the good name of the stone at the Pipestone quarries.

All members will have a document to give with any stone they exchange, in any format. On this document will be a telephone number where the customer can check on the members authenticity.

If any member is found to have obtained false stone to exchange, (in any format,) they will be instantly banned from the Guild.

Membership Active: Anyone who is seen to be actively quarrying at the National Monument in Pipestone can apply for membership. Just because a permit has been obtained is not grounds to join.
Retired member: Those who have previously been active members, or who are known to have been active quarriers at Pipestone with a record of exchanging only the genuine stone..

Due to the fact that only Native Americans are allowed to quarry at the ancient quarries of the National Monument in Pipestone, the Guild’s membership will be 100% Native American.

Membership is free. Memberships will be renewed annually as the permit is renewed.

If you quarry at the ancient Pipestone Quarries, at the National Monument in Pipestone, and you are not yet a member of the Guild, please contact us by using the form on this site, and we will start processing your application immediately.

To find people who quarry at the ancient quarries you can contact the Little Feather Center in Pipestone.

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