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Dragonfly Dezignz - Prices

Make us an offer we can't refuse! *

Tell us what you can afford and if we accept the price we will design your site and do our best to get it to the top of the search engines. Please only contact us if you are serious about entering into an agreement with us. Please read the small print on the agreement page for a start, another longer agreement will be sent to you before we start work on the site.

Depending on the price you wish to pay we will either design your own graphics to go on to your site or use one of our sets we have on file.

This may sound strange to pick your own price, however all the innovative companies are doing it today, after many discussions we decided we'd join the trail blazers and offer this service to our clients. So take a look at the prices that other companies charge and then come back to us and offer a price that you are willing to pay. We'll do the rest.

It's different, but give it a try, you will love the end product!

(Extra services (e.g. Domains, the servers costs ect.) will cost the going rate)

We accept checks, cash and Paypal.

* (This offer is not valid with Wedding sites, please see the price page on the Wedding part of our site.)


golden web award

Congratulations! Dragonfly Dezignz Web site development has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award.

Thank you I.A.W.M.D.

Labelled with ICRA


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