There are a lot of people we all need to say 'Thank you' to......


Jim Miller for having the Dream in the first place.

Alberta Iron Cloud Miller for all of her calming wisdom,

Josette Peltier for all of the help she has given the Riders, and the Communities along the way

Arvol Looking Horse for coming to do ceremonies and talks with the Riders.

Smoothfeather Productions for filming the Dakota 38 movie in 2008


In no particular order - the Riders

Perry Little
Peter Lengkeek
Richard Milda
Jake Iron Cloud
Jessica Little
LeAnne Red Owl
Ken Four Cloud
Brandi Four Cloud
Mason Red Wing
Talon Voice
Kenny Seaboy
Keith Nichols
RD Pumpkinseed
Dwayne White Cloud
Matt Black Eagleman
Seth Eastman
Jimmy Hallum
Hazel Hallum
Gabby Flute Player
Arlene Fire
Cheyenne Hope
Jake Arapahoe
Bergan Birch
Defond Wells
Karen White Cloud
Red Eagle family
Chris Felicia
Deanna Milder
Marcus Gregg
Faith Spotted Eagle
Wilfred Keeble
Brandon Sheppard
Leonard Sheppard
Daniel Sheppard
Allen Sheppard
Ray Sheppard
Frankie Jackson
Marcus Greg
Philip McKnight
Corey Bertsch
Lyndale Seaboy
Jeremiah Boyd
Mary Jane Cavanaugh
Dustin Baird
Super LaBatte
Kevin Brown
Emerson Boyd
Leland Spotted Bird
Tuffy First
Vanessa Goodthunder
Starr Weston
Kyra Jade Roma
Sophia Benally
Daris Benally
Carlos Benally
Mark Powers
Tamme Williams
Sky Byington
Julian Boucher
Carl Mazawasicuna
Travis Mazawasicuna
Helena Brown
Darla Thiele
Joel Cavanaugh
Shaelyn Day
Trizzy Red Fox
Jessie High Eagle
Cary Ross
Brittany White-Iceman
James Estes Splitplume
Victoria Wolters
Allen Longie
Peter Belgarde Sr.
Paulette Driver
Arvol Looking Horse

Walking the Route was Jacob Matzke (now passed over)

Special web page for the Riders, from the Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride Face Book page members

This group of people could have been Riders or helpers or those who cooked food.
They are names I picked up along the way but wasn't sure what they were doing, or I felt they did a lot and needed thanking.

American Indian Magnet School, St. Paul, who have donated through their initiative 'Pennies for Ponies' the donation is to help the horses.

Darla Thiele
Zitka Duta Win
Trizzy Smith
Dawn Smith
Pam Bird
Walter (Super) La Batte
Tom Wilson
Alice Erickson
Dawn Wallowing Bull
Sheldon Wolfchild
Peg Furshong
Sandee Geshick (Decd)
Jessie Rogers
Brian Heinricks
Patti (Madison)
Dave (Madison)
Darwin & Gabrielle Strong & family
Cari Lanke & George (Feed)
Julie Carrow
Donna Budahl Patterson
Lou Fuentes
Thompson Family
Dave Larson
Philander Ross
Toby, Lynnette & Megan Kleppin
Libby & Mike Flowers
Mike Fasig, Steven Hansen,
Susan Anderson (Hay)
William Knapp & Michelle Mills (Hay)
Unity Ride
Elizabeth McCabe
Marge DeRuyter
Dakota Wicohan
Dakota Women'sSociety
O'Keefe family
Columbus Tiwahe
Lower Sioux Health Department
Lower Sioux Community
Cindi Wittwer
Upper Sioux Community in Courtland
Dan Delaney
Pua Case
Tracii Gunz Barse
Betty Sheldon
Leith Family
Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson
Purina Foods
Clifford Cancu
Emmett Eastman
Oyate club
Bonnie H
Helena Brown
Elk Soldier singers
Lonna Stevens Hunter
Dakota Indian Foundation
Ray Geshick

The Horses

Crazy Boy
Sioux Falls
Wi Sapa
War Drum
All the others

Honory Horse 1
Du It / Champ / Cheyenne Medicine
who wears a Spirit braid in honor of the Dakota 38+2 Ride

The story of this horse is on the Face book group page

Honory Horse 2
Gilbert Birdchaser/Squallaholic
an old horse who rode at home every day the Ride was on to be with them spiritually.

The story of this horse is on the Face book group page

The Communities along the way

Lower Brule, SD
Fort Thompson, SD
Crow Creek, SD
Wessington Springs. SD
Gant Valley, SD
Woonsocket, SD
Howard, SD
Madison, SD
Flandreau, SD
Pipestone, MN
Russell, MN
Vesta, MN
Marshall, MN SWMN State University
Morton, MN
Courtland, MN
Mankato, MN
Lode Star Motel
Royal River Motel
Jackpot Junction Motel
Eastman Hall Flandreau
Community Center's
Spirit Lake Ministry Center
United Methodist Chruch, Mankato

Radio Stations

Kxsw-fm Dakotah-Radio
Two Moons Talking


All of the over 7000 members of the Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride Facebook group, for your support.

Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Please add on the Wopida page:
Wopila tanka to our dear relative Gloria Hazell Derby for creating this page and creating the medium for communication amongst the riders, the supporters and for our relatives. I took the time this morning to go through the pages and I'm just amazed at the content. Jim and I thank you so much and hope to see you one day. Remember you are loved by all of us!


From this

To this


I am very sorry if I have missed anyone out, I have tried my best to catch the names of people as the day's went by, I hope next year to do better. If you know anyone that should be on these lists please let me know them. Thanks-
Gloria Hazell-Derby