This page is especially for the Riders, those exceptional people, from child to elder, male and female, who participate every year in this Ride, this prayer, this continuance of History, along with their 4 legged partner, who carries them through wind, rain, snow and sunshine for 330 miles from the Lower Brule Reservation in South Dakota to Mankato in Minnesota.

In the group I wondered if the Riders know how the people in the group feel about them, and soon comments started to appear addressed to the Riders from the members of the group. I decided to make a special page for these comments and make sure the Riders get the address of it so that they could look at any time and see the posts that had come in, all together in one place. This is that page.... I will continue to add these posts for as long as they come in, they are for Riders past present and future, they are for you if you Ride in the Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride. Please accept the words and know that you are special. These words show how respected you are.

Gloria Hazell-Derby


I don't know if the Rider's who took part in this prayer Ride know how much we respect them and how proud we are of them... It is a month later and people are still joining this group, the group has not stopped growing, it's at 3,129 members at this moment , most of whom care about the Riders. How about we let them know how much we care? Lets all just say thanks, or well done, or Mitakuye Oyasin. We DO care about you Riders... and we love your wonderful Sunka Wakan as well.... - Gloria Hazell Derby (91 likes) Update 2020 0ver 7,300 members of the group now
To my Dakota 38+2 family(Riders). I send my love n thoughts to each n everyone of you. You n your Sunka Wakan are all in my daily prayers. Just want you all to know I appreciate all the sacrifice each n everyone of you give every year on the ride. Wopila Tanka! - Josette Peltier
Bless You all....and thank you for the good spirit - Ellen Zweiphennig
Mitakuye Oyasin, well done (smiley face) - Mo Farrelly
Thank you from Blackfeet Country... - Lynnel Bullshoe
Pidamiya (smiley face) - Indigo Hawk
So appreciate what you have done. Thank you (smiley face) - Sheryl Dowlin
Mitakuye Oyasin ,..well done - Linda Lebeau
The Ride did NOT end Dec 26. It lives on and EVERY DAY we say Prayers for ALL the Riders, their Supporters, crew, etc. ALL those involved. The Riders have done what some of us can't. If YOU need anything, post here and we will see what we can do to help you......THANK YOU again....hugs and Blessings (heart) - Abby Peawhisle
Thank you for riders and horses, (and those who cared for the horses and who contributed in so many ways along the way). I include a prayer of thanks for you and prayers of strength for you each day. Thank you!!! - Beth Middleton
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to riders, horses, and supporters. Your story has been told, and the ancestors have spoken! Mitakuye Oyasin! - Rebecca Bailey
Abby says it well. I wonder how the riders are doing now. Sometimes after an intense event, it can feel like a let-down. May you continue to receive blessings. If any of you are in Minneapolis or coming up this way and need anything, you can call on me. - Diane R. Anderson
I happen to catch the video of these Great riders comin into the city n at the end of the line, there was beautiful spotted horse who started dancing which brought a chill n tears to me for my Fathers name was "Prancing Horse" (Gegwedakamigishkang) I saw my Father in that Horse n I can not thank all u warriors enuff for ur dedication n love for this ride of honor n memory for our relatived. MITAKUYE OYASIN!!! HOKAAA!! - Arlene Larson
I could never do what the riders did and have done and for that I thank them with all my heart. It was an experience I will never forget. I plan on going down again this year. It was very humbling. - Yvonne J. Bear
Yokoke! Blessings to all that participated in the ride. - Barbara Heller
Wopila Mitakuye Oyasin - Isabelle Afraid of Enemy
We look up to each and every Rider; you have our respect, admiration and all ways pray that you see your Self the way we see you! - Dawn Cunningham Beard
I just watched the documentary. I was so spiritually moved and educated. Many blessings and thank you all so much. May we all heal and live in peace in the path of the six directions. - Mary St Martin
Sunkakanyanke Wopila. Sunka Wakan Pilamayaye. Wicozani. - Angelina M. Hart
Thanks for the info to where to write n send our letters (smiley face) - Cindy Powers
My prayers of gratitude go out to all the riders and Jim Miller. Nothing is more difficult than to act upon and follow a dream. Wopila tanka for the courage it took for Jim to follow through on his dream. Many blessings were and are received from this selfless act. - Ardis Iron Cloud

Mitakuye Oyasin. We DO care about you Riders... and we love your wonderful Sunka Wakan as well.... You all have such dedication and fortitude, to ride forth under such conditions, to educate and heal. Bless you all, and thank you for your Spirit. - Karin Moores
I loved the time I got to spend with Dakota 38+2 riders and supporters in Morton and Mankato I felt at home as if I knew all of you like family, thank you for riding in blistering cold temps and blowing snow, you and your Sunka Wakan sacrifice for us all with love & blessings. - Pat LaMere
This page and how fast,it grew goes to show that we all need a sense of belonging and that solidarity among Indigenous Natives is imperative for survival and growth....although I don't know my Apache people..this page encourages and makes me happy because I see good spirits and love amongst's what we need for survival!!! - Michele Goldberg Harvey
Pidamiya... - Frankie Trudell
quyanaq (Thank you!) - Katrina Trescott
I look at this film and ride as a whole and pray that one day I would be blessed to be able to be apart of this. To all the riders, the visionaries, the supports, THANK YOU! Thank you for making a large impact in my life that is super hard to explain, but there is one. Thank you for putting in time and effort to make this happen! - Daniel P Sukup
I give great great thanks for the riders, for what they sacrifice, for their commitment and love. It brings tears to my eyes and touches my heart. It is very inspiring to always follow my dream no matter how difficult things seem. I say thanks, thanks, thanks and bless them all - Annemui Essink-Duindam
My kids are so proud of their dad who participated in the recent memorial ride to MN and they look forward to the video made during The Ride. Thanks for such an event that celebrates life and honor those who have gone before us, from this life to the next. - Cindy Powers
With each of the riders, there is honor. With each person that has watched this , the Ancestor's has touched each one. My spirit is with all and I am forever grateful for the strength that I have received from this. - Joy Maddox Dacus
Been following your courageous journey since the beginning ~ thank you for reminding us all. - Janice Crabb
What a gift you are. Thank you! - BJ Barbara Justice-Kamp
Think of all of you often. Hope you are all well and able to feel the power of what you have been a part of. May each day bring you strength, guidance, and blessings. - Diane R. Anderson
Deeply Humbled by the Riders and ALL involved Prayers of Blessings for all of you, sometimes tears because there are no words for the Respect I feel inside, Always and Big Hugs - Janet Nagle
Wado, thank you for riding & keeping these men's Spirits alive and respected. I was at the 150th Commemoration of the 38+2 in Winona, MN, and followed your progress as you made the difficult trek to Mahkato (Mankato, MN). Prayers for many Blessings for you all, so brave to make such a somber, difficult journey. A'Ho! - Linda Draper Eng

I am always amazed at how the spirit works, how the ancestor's , through spiritual routes brings us once again together and we feel and see the message. - Joy Maddox Dacus

Thank you for everything you are doing. With all respect! - Ren Pico
Thanks also to Kunsi Mary Lou Wynde my kids get to and enjoy this ride and appreciate this ride - Danielle Miller
I gotta say Wopida Tanka to all the men, women, and children that take part in this ride. Love all of you.. Hecetu Wedo - Michael Pacheco
One time in my life I want to ride the Memorial Ride. - Peter Schelbert
Wophida, thank you, all of you who ride, and all who support this work. You are carrying the tears of many, tears of the many who died and the many who survived them. Tears of the Dakota and tears of the many like them. Even the tears of the white race who had the common sense stomped out of them thousands of years ago. You carry the tears of humanity back to this place, to pour them in the wound, to recycle them in the mother, to process them and to harvest healing for all people. Remembering the Dakota and the beautiful culture that is not dead, but asks with dignity to be given respect. That respect is healing for all people. I pray you have the vision and strength to carry all these tears and recycle them until one day you will be carrying only their memory and a joyous celebration of our life and our mutual respect. haye, haye, haye! - Hans Sageng
For all who followed the Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride in December along with my students, who would ever think that I would be standing with Dakota 38 +2 riders today in the Upper Sioux Community...this is the beauty and blessings I have received today!

Bandanas gifted to riders and land crew dyed by Waimea Middle School 7th Graders, Keala and Keali'i with Poli'ahu i ke kapu and mauna symbol.. mahalo - Pua Case

From Alberta Iron Cloud Miller
Hihani waste! Heard some good news last night, that Dakota 38 won first in the documentary division at the Flathead Valley International Film Festival. Congratulations to the Smoothfeather Production Team, you know who you are, too many to
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I speak for all the ladies in the South Dakota woman's prison who wish they could b there for the riders .. once we learned about the ride we followed n tired to do what we could for the riders .. one year we raised money in support of them.for the ladies inside they send out prayers each day, go to sweat as well as have their pipes ceremony for them. Shirley crane educated us about the ride so what we would love for all riders to know is that all the woman locked up are praying hard for u n are there in spirit.
Dec 10th 2017