Hello, Well as I am making this page up on December 26th 2013, the Riders will be getting ready to wind their way into Mankato for Ceremony. I am thinking of them and praying for the 38 + 2 Dakota men who were hung in 1862 /64. This page will have extras in it that I wasn't able to add to the regular web pages, there were many photos taken by various people and on here I will try to add links to them so you can go and see them. Some people also took quick video shots of the Riders as well so I will add those too.


If you have any you would like to add please contact me via the group and I will put them on this page. Pidamiya, Thanks!

Photos first

Resting in Morton 21st December by Betty Sheldon
The Horses from Betty Sheldon, Christmas Eve
Christmas Nights Supper photos from Betty Sheldon
Reconciliation Park Dec 26th from Betty Sheldon
Pipestone 17th Dec. from Tammy Williams
Mixed bunch from Betty Sheldon including the pow wow

Then Videos

Today in Reconciliation Park - Hanging Site
Thanks Kevin Langton

Near Morton - 43 seconds - with drumming. by All Day Images
Ride with us Relatives 20th Dec 11 secs by Lynny Prince
Mason and Matt catch up with the others. 20th Dec .42 secs by Lynny Prince
Circling up in Courtland 25th December. 27 secs by Lynny Prince
Coming into Land of Memories Park, Mankato, 25th December. . 1.5 minutes by Lynny Prince
In Flandreau 15th Dec. 49 secs. by Rose Crow
Today at Reconciliation Park 2.13 minutes by Liz Ninetyninepercent Conner Ratcliff
Names of the men hung at Reconciliation Park Dec 26th 2013 3.05 minutes from Julian Boucher
Song the men sang at their hanging interpreted into English, read by Peter Lengkeek Dec 26th 2013 From Julian Boucher 1.06 mins
Honor Dance for the Riders at Fort Peck (Wah'chinca' Wak'pa) . January 12th 2014 From Del First. 1.04 minutes
New: The next videos come from Kandi World Turner. They are taken on the third day of the 2013 Ride. Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. Helmet cam courtesy of Mark Powers. Thank you all for giving us a different perspective and experience of the Ride!
Webcam on the Ride Part 1 Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. 3.45 mins
Webcam on the Ride Part 2 Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. 2.42 mins
Webcam on the Ride Part 3 Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. 30 seconds
Webcam on the Ride Part 4 Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. 1.09 mins
Webcam on the Ride Part 5 Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. 1.20 mins
Webcam on the Ride Part 6 Chuck World Turner is the rider/cameraman. 3.08 mins
A New Video, December 26th, the horses going off a ramp at Mankato. The rear horse is dancing! One of the woman made the comment that the horse was carrying the Spirit and the Rider . It gives you chills . 1.29 mins  

Information from Dave Larson

1980's reburial of those who died in Fort Kearney

Reburial of 21 Dakota warriors and 10 Dakota women
who died of disease or exposure in this prison camp where the men had been sent with their families in 1862/3

Information from Oyate Duta Ob'Mani Jackson

Report from Camp Kearney, Davenport

Iowa’s Rendezvous Camps, 1861-1866
Chapter 19 – Camps at Davenport – Camp Kearney
Pages 551 - 581

in the spirit of celebrating Dakota literature that contributes to the re-writing of history I will post a few articles with themes related to U.S Dakota relations examined by law students and professors alike... this first one is from Angelique Eagle Woman SWO member.

Wintertime for Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate..

Rethinking the effect of the Abrogation of the Dakota Treaties
Minnesota Bounties on Dakota men during the US - Dakota war

Indian Boarding Schools (Historical and Intergenerational Trauma,)

Video - Haskell Indian Nations University Remembrance
In the cemetery, stand 103 old army-issue, unpolished marble headstones that mark the death of young Native people who died between 1885 and 1913. Most of those died at about ten years of age. The youngest and first death was Harry White Wolf who died
at 6 months old. As one walks among the unnaturally serene stones, an image that stays with you is not only the names and brief lifespan of these young people, but that in this small half-acre space, thirty-seven tribes are represented. Ponca lies next to Pawnee and Miami next to Navajo.

The above is an excerpt from the work of Stephen A. Colmant, MA, LPC, Lahoma Shultz, MS, LPC (Creek Seminole) and Andrea
Dudley, MA (Cherokee), titled Haskell Cemetery: A Symbol for Healing and Growt

Video - The Wellbriety Journey to Forgiveness

Documentary on the Abuses of the Indian Boarding Schools. Discusses the intergenerational trauma in native communities. This documentary is over an hour long, and gives information about how these Historical and Intergenerational Traumas can be healed. It is a MUST SEE. (Gloria)

The "Wellbriety Movement: Journey of Forgiveness" is now available on Youtube, www.whitebison.org , or free on DVD. Email info@whitebison.org for DVD, include mailing address.

There is no charge for this DVD. It is hoped that it will be shared by everyone who sees it.


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