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I have been doing readings of one type or another since the 1960's, back then being young I had no idea of the power they can have, I just 'did' my thing!

My mum taught me about spiritual things from a young child, she encouraged me to talk with animals and plants, we went for walks looking for the first Coltsfoot and Celandines of the year, and when we found them she would speak to them and welcome them. She also taught me not to take things from nature without giving back. We would always leave offerings by certain plants, and when ever she would find a ring of toadstools in the garden she would rush inside and come out with tiny pieces of cloth that she kept for just this reason, she would give me some and we would leave a piece under each toadstool. This she would say was for the fairy who lived there to make a new dress with. I always loved doing that. She was a wonderful lady I miss her and her wisdom.

Over the years I have worked with some great people and practiced my gift in various places both in England and America. Back in the early 80's when I started doing the colour readings I gained experience from the 'Life Nourishment Center' in Pennsylvania, I was thrown into the deep end one day when a reader could not make an event and so they told me I should do it. Wow! my nerves were shaking and before I knew it there I was 'reading' people in a very large Mall, and that was the start of doing readings for the general public. I especially remember one 'gig' we did, again in the 80's, for another psychic center, 'Adrianne's World', who rented readers out. We were told that we had to dress up as Egyptians and get over to Atlantic City, we were going to be reading 'High Rollers' for Mr. Trump! (Yes, that one, probably long before he even thought about being the President!) When we got there we found to our surprise that everyone else was dressed as Gypsies! Someone had taken the message wrong! What great psychics we were, lol, so we quickly redid our outfits to meld in with everyone else's and got to work. Between about 30 of us we had to have read hundreds of people that night, except they really only wanted their lucky numbers given to them and weren't interested in a reading!

I also did readings at 'A Center for Understanding' in New Jersey. This was owned and run by my good friend Elizabeth McCabe, we eventually moved to Minnesota, and she joined us a year later, we stayed sister-friends until her passing in April 2019. I miss her and her patience.

This is my first venture onto the internet to do Distant Readings, I may still have some kinks to iron out but I know everything will work out fine. Please join me in this new venture, you never know what may happen!

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I am also a web designer and can put all of the info from the readings on a personal web page for the querant.

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