Hi, We decided to put all of our forms on one page for ease of our visitors. Below you will see the questions, some have to be answered before it can be sent others are optional.

You will see the different sections of the form, other than the first questions that have to be answered you only need to answer the questions that pertain to the section you are interested in.


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Workshop section

Do you want to book your place on the Workshop now?


I have a question


This section is for the workshops that we are putting on. You will only need to complete this section if you want to participate in one of them. This part is not for the Beads & Buckskins program please email us directly if you want a B&B program

Which Workshop are you interested in? Carving a Sacred Pipe at the Center
The Power of the Sacred Pipe at the Center (not until 2010)
The Power of the Sacred Pipe online (new session starts mid November 2009)
Quarrying weekend workshop at the Center (Native American participants only)
Two at the Center
All 3 at the Center
Will you be taking the workshop alone? Yes
No (please give details in the comments box)
Not certain yet
How old are you? You must be 18 or over to be in the quarrying workshop  
Which Tribe are you enrolled with? (Please bring your enrollment card with you to the training) (required for those taking the quarrying course)  
Please give two dates that you would be able to participate  


Pipestone Quarriers Guild

Are you applying for membership in the Pipestone Quarriers Guild?


Not at this time but I plan to later
I need more information


This section is only for quarriers at the National Monument quarries. You have to be an enrolled Native American to join

If you answered yes to the above question, how long have you quarried at Pipestone? Over 10 years
5 - 10 years
1 - 5 years
First time this year
Do other family members quarry here in Pipestone? Yes
They used to years ago
I don't know
What Tribe are you enrolled with? Please give your enrollment number. (required for those joining the Guild)  


Order for Pipes or Stone

What size Pipe are you interested in?


mini - 12" overall
Personal - 15" overall
Ceremonial - 23" overall
I just want raw stone
I have a question
Uncertain as yet, I'd like more details.


This section is only for those wanting to order a Pipe or stone

What style Pipe are you interested in? Plains
Old Style
4 Winds
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