Little Feather Center

In Memory of Chuck Derby
17 February 1941 - 7 August 2010

2011 & 2014


2014: Due to a lot of disrespect, and lack of knowledge from a number of people on the internet against the Pipe recently, I am using the pledge I made years ago to fight for the integrity of the Pipe, and fulfilling a promise I made to Chuck before he passed over, and I am writing a document about the Pipe, it includes the quarrying, Catlinite, and Chuck's history from my own experiences and what Chuck taught me over the years. I think it will be used in conjunction with an on-line workshop. It will be put into a booklet form (or even a book depending on how much comes to me) and details will be put on here once it has been finished. - Gloria

2014: A Legacy day was held on June 28th 2014 at the Center, to honor Chuck and get ideas for the future of the Center. Thanks to all of those who attended, and gave Chuck the respect he deserved.

I hope to be adding new information on here shortly, the ideas people gave at the Legacy day is being processed right now. I was told there was lots of laughs and tears on the day...

Thank you Katie Boone for having the idea and implementing it.



2011: The Little Feather Center is now being run by Chuck's sister Alice. I promised Chuck that this site would stay up and so being true to my word here it is. I am not changing anything on it, the educational information has not changed, and so it stays as it was written back in the 90's. I am now back living in England.

Gloria Hazell-Derby


I am so pleased to announce that the One Heart One Mind Interpretive Center has opened in West Virginia. This Center was planned just after Chuck had been told about his cancer. He was worried about what would happen to the Little Feather Center and his dream after he had gone, and at that time some old friends came to call on him and he told them about his fear of his Dream and work dying with him. These friends pledged that Chuck's life work and his vision would not die with him. Out of this promise, the One Heart One Mind Interpretive Center was born. Before he passed Chuck and I had a lot of input into the new Center and I proudly sit on their Board of Directors.

Well done to Mike McGee, Jenn Hudson and all the others who helped make this Center into a reality. Chuck would be most proud of what you have done - Gloria

You can see their new Center HERE


Our favorite photo taken by Nico September 2008


Holding hands at Wall Drug, 2008

Memorial to Chuck

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