We decided to add a page of links to this site, because there are a number of sites that we believe should be publicized more. If you know of any that you think are the best then please let us know about it and we will check it out. Some of these sites are not written in English

Center Records: Recordings of wakan wicasa Joseph Flying Bye, Kangi Ho Tanka, Chuck's Hunka father.

Dakota Commemmorative March - This march is to remember the women and children who were forced marched from their homes at the Lower and Upper Sioux area to Fort Snelling where they were imprisoned in 1862. Many decendents of these women take part in the march.

White Earth Indian Arts & Crafts: A Dutch language site belonging to our Friend Mariska in the Netherlands. Authentic Native American arts & crafts.

Grandfather RedWolf: Mixed Blood Native American Indians. Winner of seven internet awards. Always has good updates and information.

Jay Red Hawk: An Elk Dreamer who plays the flute and also makes them in a traditional way

Healing - Circle / Heilungs-Kreis! : A German site in both German and English.


Story of the bison and their relationship to man. This is the project that Kevin Costner dreamed of for many years during his walk of life. A wonderful sculpture is here at TaTanka of Native people on horseback hunting the Buffalo. Located in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

2005 opening times: June 1 thru September 15.

May even see you there!

Sonja Boekhorst: We met Sonja in the Netherlands when we were visiting Mariska, Sonja is an artiste who creates wonderful Native American inspired works of art. This site is written in Dutch, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Ancient Voices Museum: Gloria's latest project which will be based in the Center from September 2007. Right now it is an online virtual museum


Pipestone Dakota Community sites

Pipestone Dakota Community - History of the PDC

Pipestone Catlinite Quarriers Guild - Only Native American quarriers at the National Monument can be members.

Pipestone Pipes - Learn more about the Pipes here

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