In no particular order!
During the summer we found the grave-site of Chucks Great Great Grandfather in Sisseton. He was an Indian scout during the late 1800's.
The grave is at the edge of an old cemetary on the Sisseton Reservation.
The back of the tipi showing the protection shield, which in this case is a Canada Goose pelt that has protected us for many years.
The inside of the tipi, showing the firepit and bearskin, along with moccasins, drum, staff and various sundry items.
Inside the tipi showing a buckskin jacket, a birchbark carrier with feathers inside, a parfleche and a Hudson blanket
Inside the tipi showing a hide dress, a staff, another parfleche, sage and walking stick
The start of the sweat lodge. Chuck and Wyatt. Every hole made had tobacco and a piece of pipestone in it, each tree was chosen especially for the direction it is in. Prayers were continually said over each hole and tree.
Next stages of the sweat, Elizabeth, Gloria & Wyatt. The area had already had protection put around it and had had offerings scattered around the circle, it had been smudged and water had been used to consecrate the ground.
Last stages of the sweat, Chuck, Elizabeth, Cari, Wyatt and Roxannes Children. It was good to have male and female, old and young putting it up together, it was a good balance.
From the first stage of finding the right trees, to the right people turning up to help (nothing was planned it just happened), to all hands helping, this was a fantastic project that had been a dream for a long time. Now the PDC can sweat in the winter without having to slog through snow, they just have to go to the Center. Here it is almost finished - Thanks everyone for your help! Thanks too to those who bought tarps and blankets to cover it with.
Our Indian Taco stand at Flandreau's Riverdays - Trevor, Amy, Marge, Julie, Alice, Gary, Maddie, all helped at the stand, Chuck and Gloria cooked the meat, all 140 pounds of it! Thanks also go to Rick who assisted with cutting up veggies!
The back of the stand - Gary, Julie, Cindy, Alice and Chuck. This was such a lovely setting with the river flowing just behind us, and Brule playing live for part of the time. Thanks to all who came over to lend a hand!
The back area of the stage when Brule played at Flandreau. We have known Paul since 1996.
End of the Summer 'Thank you' night at the back of the Center around an open fire with family and friends - Leah, Gloria, Chuck and Elizabeth
Marge, Alice, Mark, Mike, Gary, Shaina, Dave, Trevor, Rocky
Same night, Gloria, Leah, Elizabeth, Amy, Rocky and Marge
Around the fire, Mike, Rocky, Leah, Mark, Gloria, Alice, Marge, Amy and Elizabeth
Elizabeth, Amy, Bill with his dog, Marge, Alice, Mark, Mike, Gary, Dave, Shaina, Gloria
International Day in Worthington. July, Gloria & Chuck were doing an educational table while Alice cooked her famous Fry bread! That tipi on the right isn't ours!
Worthington again - The line for Alice's Fry bread was longer than this for most of the day!
Cindy and Greg just finishing putting up the Tipi for us
At last we have the Tipi up at the Center - it only took 10 years!

This is the group of elders who came to Pipestone from the Lower Brule Reservation in September. They came to an impromtu meal at the Center when we found out that they had no food planned in town. Within an hour they were happily eating at the Center. Alice is in the front of the photo making sure all the food plates were full.
International performer Jackie Bird (who is one of the women featured in our Ancient Voices museum,) presents an eagle feather to Chuck for his work over the years, quarrying, making the sacred pipe, and staying true to the integrity of the Pipe. She also commended the Pipestone Dakota Communities many generations commitment to the quarries, the stone and the Pipe.
Friends: Wyatt, Cari & Sue who visited in September with Chuck.
Chuck with Kevin Costner, also Chucks daughter Diana and son-in-law Richard. Richard is on the Flandreau Tribal Council. (I hope to get a clearer photo soon) Oooh was I jealous, I have been nuts over Kevin Costner for many years! and I missed him by a week!
Chuck and Gloria consecrate a Labyrinth, Gloria did it in the Celtic/Druid way and Chuck did the Native American way.
Walking the Labyrinth during the blessing ceremony, with Gloria is Jeannie representing Air, Carol representing Fire, Chuck representing Earth and Amy representing Water. It was a beautiful evening.
Alice and Cindy getting the bread ready at a Sioux Falls International Day
Ready and waiting for the people to arrive. Alice, Leah, Sheila, Rocky, Gloria and Amy. Sioux Falls again.
The team in waiting: Including, Alice, Amy, Chuck, Cindy, Gary, Gloria, Leah, Rocky, Shaina, Sheila, and Trevor. Thanks to everyone who helped us during the events. It was a great summer!
Do you want everything on it? Says Leah to a customer! While Trevor and Gary make sure everything is full out front.

The Center

This as you can see is a Google Earth photo of the Center, it shows the tipi, and the exhibits we had up outside last year. This was so nice to see on Google. I love the rainbow color effect on it and the sun shining through the tree!

The tipi!

next page will be some of our wedding photos

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