Latest Theme Park Information

After many people had signed the petition and publicity had been put out about the proposed Native American Theme Park for Pipestone, we heard nothing. A group of children in the Netherlands signed while Chuck and Gloria were in Holland in early 2004, and those signatures, all 301 of them, were all put into a book and handed to Chuck. We were also asked if any more signatures were needed because many other children in the school system there wanted to do the same thing

We thank all of the hundreds of people who cared enough to sign the petition and take part in the poll we were running, which incidentally came out as the following percentages.

The question was:

Would you be in favor of a Native American Theme Park in Pipestone?

The results to date are as follows:

Yes: 2% No: 19%
emphatically yes: 1% emphatically no: 27%
What are they thinking......: 13% I believe that it would cause desecration of this sacred site: 36%
I think it could give financial help to the local Dakota people: 2% No opinion: 1%

January 2005

Just a few weeks ago we heard that the Theme Park was NOT going to be built, so it looks like Pipestone will be staying as peaceful as it has always been.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this from all countries and especially to the children in the Netherlands who cared so much.

Update 2007

We don't know if it was because of the petition that to date over 2000 people signed, or the publicity that was put out but no more has been heard about this stupid, sacriligious idea.

Again we thank all of you who signed the petition, wrote to us, spoke to us, and generally supported us in this.