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From the Worthington Daily Globe. October 4th 2008

SLAYTON — With the election a month away, voters are gathering as much information as possible so informed decisions can be made.

To aid in this, the Daily Globe asked candidates from Murray and Pipestone counties to answer a couple of questions.

Each candidate was asked why they chose to run for county commissioner and what qualities or experiences they have that would make them a good commissioner.
The answers of those who replied to the questionnaire are printed in entirety.


Pipestone County districts In Pipestone County, seats for Districts 1, 3 and 5 are up for grabs, but there were only two replies to the questionnaires.

In District 1, Marge De Ruyter faces Luke Johnson.

De Ruyter: My choice to run for Pipestone County Commissioner comes from a strong pride in my community, a long history of family ties to the area and a wanting to improve the quality of life through solid decision making and desire for growth.

As a Native American, I have ties to the area dating well back to my ancestors. I have fond memories of my youth, when my father was a crop farmer and my mother worked at the Pipestone National Monument. Still today my family continues to quarry Pipestone there.

I have served the community as an employee of the Southwest Crisis Center for more than eight years. I presently serve the Women of Color and Native Women Leadership Project of Minnesota, a state-level task force sponsored by the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, and I serve locally on the board of the United Way.

I am a family woman who believes in a strong work ethic, and I am open to changes for the betterment of our children’s future.


Johnson: Did not reply to questionnaire

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Marge DeRuyer is the Pipestone County Commissioner District 1

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