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We pride ourselves on being able to answer any question you may have, if in a rare instance we do not know the answer we will do research for the questioner and get back to them later.

All of these topics can be adapted for any age range.

*No spiritual ceremonies are taught, instead, the Hollywood myths are straightened out, so that the 'savage, heathen' image that has plagued the People for so long is removed.


Chuck Derby & Gloria Hazell presenting Beads & Buckskins in 1996

Beads & Buckskins

Beads & Buckskins', A Native American Cultural Awareness program

In 1994 a program was begun in Pipestone, Minnesota which would allow tourists to the Native American historical town to learn more about the culture that they had come to see. At the start the presentation was held at a campground, but then it moved to the Little Feather Interpretive Center, and often to the site of the person booking the program. Beads & Buckskins became very popular and was around to stay!

Over the years the program has been presented in America and Europe. Clients however come from all over to hear the presentations. People who come to the Center for the program are from a varied amount of states, countries and backgrounds. Beads & Buckskins is such a unique program that word of mouth publicity counts for much of the success the program has had over the years.

The most unusual aspect of the program is that every presentation is different. Each talk is customized for the clients. They choose what they are interested in and how much time they have allotted and the talk is slanted to their wishes. Talks can range from 15 minutes to a whole weekend or more. The youngest people we have spoken to was a Head-Start class of 3 and 4 year olds and we used puppets and Gloria's grand-daughter to hold their attention. The oldest was.... well we didn't like to ask but they were an elderly group who met together for lunch in a hall. We of course went to them in both cases!

The list of subjects to choose from follows. You will see there is a wide range.

When the program is presented items are always shown that can be handled. Children especially love it when they can hold something without being told to be careful. They remember that item, they remember the talk and they learn. None of the items used are ancient and so they can be touched. The program can be held inside or out, for two or a thousand people (one of our best was presented to over a thousand un-interested teenagers who did an about direction and gave a standing ovation to us). What we present and how we do it is all up to you!


How much does this unique program cost? Well each one will be charged differently because each one is different. It depends on the distance travelled, how long the talk is and how many people will be in the audience. We mostly ask for a donation for the Center. If you are interested please email us ( and we will get back to you.

We always work with your school or organizations budget, because we realize how tight they can be and because we usually ask for just a donation we promise that you will be able to afford the program!



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