Pipe Making Directions - Page 1

These are actual photos of a Pipe bowl in the making from the start to the end. We thought photos would be easier to understand than the line drawings. A page follows (link on the end of the next page) that can be printed off to give the directions without the photos.


Horse shoe rasp

1/2 round file

Smoothing file

Sandpaper (3 grits)

1/4" drill bit

1/2" drill bit

Choice of electric or hand drill

Wood plane

Pocket knife


horseshoe rasp
Horseshoe Rasp


a piece of catlinite with the pipe outline drawn on it
The color looks dark but this is the outer layer that will be cut away once the pipe is shaped.

First draw pipe on your block of stone.

Use a hacksaw to cut pipe blank
a graphic of the cut

large pic of hacksaw

A close up of the basic shape (blank) that had just been cut.
blank pipe form

pipe blank from top
Use a horse shoe rasp to square and taper pipe blank
drawing of pipe so far
pipe blank from front
pipe blank from end

We are conducting a few weekend training sessions to show how Pipemaking is done so if you would like to learn how to make a Pipe with personal one on one training from Chuck, please check out the information on our workshop page.

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