No Guns On Sacred Pipestone National Monument Grounds


Little Feather Indian Interpretive Center
317 4th ST NE
Pipestone, MN 56164


This site has been created by me, Gloria, I have lived and volunteered at the Center for many years. I along with Chuck pass on knowledge about the quarries, the Dakota people and other facts. Guns are not welcome at the Monument.

Pipestone National Monument
36 Reservation Avenue
Pipestone, MN. 56164



Pipestone Dakota Community


The people on this siite have lived in Pipestone all of their lives, many have worked at the Monument. Chuck worked there for 31 years. They know that firearms should not be allowed there.

Pipestone Catlinite Quarriers Guild


This site is for the quarriers who spill their blood and sweat working in the quarries, it would be too dangerous for them to have visitors walking around with guns.

Pipestone Pipe Styles


These Pipes are made from the stone from the sacred quarries. The stone should not have guns near it because these pipes are alters and are used to send prayers to the Creator. These photos are examples of the various styles, none have been smoked.

Facebook Group


Join this group for updates, and to speak to others who feel the same way as you do about this issue.


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