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Arizona Sweat Deaths

Grave of Chuck's Great, Great Grandfather that we found last week in Sisseton. He was a scout in the 1860's.

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This site is now Archived
It will continue to stay here so that Chuck's words can still be read, the history can be learned and the Truth will always be here for those who want to read it.

Welcome to this Dakota owned Site and Center

June 2010: We are sorry that we have not updated this page for a while. At the end of 2009 Chuck was very sick, losing weight and having pains in his tummy, although he went to the doctor a lot the doctor ignored his symptoms telling him he had H Pylori, or spasms from having his gall bladder out in 2008. I arrived back in Pipestone at the end of March, and we went to the doctors again a few days later. I said that we wanted to go to the Mayo Clinic because there was something really wrong with Chuck and we needed to know what it was. He said, 'No you don't need to do that we can deal with it here' and promptly (months too late) put him in to have a catscan that day. A few hours later we were in waiting for the results.... The doctor came in didn't even look at either of us, just looked at the wall and said, 'I don't like to give this sort of news but you have something in your pancreas.' I said 'Something?' He said 'A tumor' I said 'So what can you do for it?' He said 'nothing much, Michael Landon died of this.' And that was how Chuck found out he had pancreatic cancer. I made arrangements the following morning to go to the Mayo in Rochester. They did tests over 2 weeks and we were told he had stage IV inoperable pancreatic cancer that has masticized to his liver. he was told 3 - 6 months as a ballpark figure, but we were later told that was without treatment, it should be longer with treatment.

So he is now having chemotherepy in Sioux Falls. He is very weak, has lost over 40 pounds in weight, is usually very tired and he uses a walker or wheelchair to get around in. Last week was the end of one round of chemo and the tests came back that the main tumor has shrunk by a cm, and the secondary ones in his liver had also shrunk some. We are all very happy about this as it shows the chemo is working. He started his second round last tuesday.

He isn't quarrying of course and has no stone right now, he hasn't made a pipe for a while and isn't well enough to do talks. However we are still keeping the Center open as best we can. We have been lucky because a young man came to us last year, loved the area, loved the Center and this year has returned to help us take care of it and keep it open. His name is Wyatt, he helps at taco sales, cuts the lawn, greets visitors and is very personable to everyone he meets.

Good news is that on May 1st Chuck and I got married legally, like everyone says, 'It's about time!' I will now be taking care of him through his illness at home here in Pipestone. I know that many of you will want to come and visit him during his illness, sometimes he welcomes people, at other times he is just so tired he sleeps. We have a sign on the door if he is sleeping. You may of course email him at littlefeather4@hotmail.com but please don't expect a reply as he rarely does a lot on the computer. I will keep his progress up to date on here as best I can. Or you can ask to be a friend on Facebook as I update almost everyday on there.

Gloria Derby

August 2010: Chuck passed away on the 7th of August, 4 months after his diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. He died very peacefully in his beloved Center with his sisters, daughter and myself around him.

NEW Facebook Page


October 2009: Many of you have probably heard about the so-called sweat lodge in Arizona where 3 people died and more were taken to hospital. This subject is close to our hearts and so we have dedicated a page especially to this. Included on the page are our own findings, the response from James Ray and Arvol Looking Horse's statement about it. Please check it out HERE (updated 28 Oct, 09)

August 2009: This summer we have had a lot of people visiting us from all over America and Canada who have seen this website and decided that they should visit us. It has amazed us that so many of you want to come and meet us and see the Center. We thank you all so much for spending the time and resources to come to us. It has been lovely to meet you all.

In the new header above you can see our tipi that is now standing outside the Center, thanks Cindy and Greg for helping us with it. We have had the tipi for years but didn't have poles for it. This year we managed to get some from friends, and straight away erected it. So far it has some items in it and we are hoping to get backrests made for it shortly.

After making and updating other people's websites I am again trying to find the time to update and redesign this site! (G)

May 2009: Before I get down to the regular front page I have to add the following update:

Re: SOS We need help!

In response to our SOS we were truly amazed at how many people contacted us. Some sent money, some gave financial advice and some gave support. We are thankful for all, and we are thankful that our wonderful friends worldwide are so open to sharing.

I am happy to announce that Chuck managed to pay the taxes up fully last week, (May 2009) and we also managed to pay off part of the next bill as well.

On the advice part we are planning on working on this as well as soon as I, Gloria, can manage to get back to the States. Chuck and I have discussed our future plans for the Center and we hope to be able to bring good news on that front in a couple of months.

We cannot name everyone on here who sent in donations, because some was sent in by anonymous donors, others sent were a group effort. However we do want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. You have shown us that the Center is important to you. Many people said that the work that we do on education and historic facts is invaluable and it must not stop, we agree with you and are happy to say that it will continue as long as we can do it. It is our passion and our life's work.

Chuck has been making little Pipestone thank you's to send to those that we have names and addresses for. They should be with you shortly.

We are so thankful for your assistance in this, and you will be in our prayers.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Chuck, Gloria & Alice

OK Now back to the regular page

Hau Koda, welcome to the Little Feather Center, we are located in Pipestone, Minnesota, the home of the genuine stone that our sacred Pipestone Pipes are made from. The Center is Dakota owned and operated and the site is full of information on the Dakota culture and other Native American issues. If you continue through this site you will, I hope, learn much about the Pipestone Pipes and the authentic Catlinite stone that they are created from. By the time you leave you should be able to tell the difference between the genuine stone from Pipestone and the look-alike red stone from Jasper, and also know about the various styles of pipes, the sacred pipestone quarries, quarrying and the history of Pipestone. You may also have signed a petition or two!

I am Running Elk (Chuck Derby), I am Dakota, please allow me to introduce you to my life, spiritual and work partner Gloria, escort you through the doors of the 'Little Feather Interpretive Center' and show you around.

At our Center you are only a stranger once!

Chuck and Gloria 2008

September 2009: This summer has been a busy and exciting one for us, we have had many visitors to the Center and have gone out to do talks and met a lot of other people. We have also done Taco sales in a number of places. We put on a lunch for 30+ elders from the Lower Brule Reservation, and met with Paul LaRoche (Brule) and will probably be working alongside of him on one of his new ventures. We had Sundancers coming over to the Center for showers and security during a storm and a new movie opened at the National Monument that Chuck was in. We did a number of talks that were televised and had a good turnout during the Rendezvous weekend in town. As stated earlier we now have a tipi up outside the Center, and as of a couple of weeks ago a sweat lodge. Chuck also met Kevin Costner a few days ago and it looks as if we will be working with his venture Tatanka, in SD. Photos from some of these things are on a separate page HERE.

May 2009: Today we viewed 'Ancient Tracks' the next DVD in the series Wakan Sota, it is in the final stages of production, and it is very good. As before Nico has done a fabulous job in putting it all together in order. Filming was done over a 2 year period, and yet he has bought it altogether in a wonderful way. As soon as it is ready we will put information on this page, please keep an eye out for it!

September 2009: The new DVD is now ready, we are just printing up the covers, so if you want a copy, the title is 'Ancient Tracks', please email us to order a copy. International Format only right now. (Stills from the DVD are HERE)

We also now have the US version of 'Sacred Smoke' for anyone who has had problems viewing the international format DVD. Both DVD's have a lightscribe label on rather than a paper one, and the cover of the old one has been recolored.

I am pleased to say that some of the local businesses have added the 2 DVD's to their stock, you can get them from the Pipestone County Museum, the Indian Shrine Association at the National Monument and our friend Tammy has some at her new store in Pipestone. You can't miss it as it has a big sign outside, 'Indian Crafts'!

As we speak the next DVD 'And the Stone Sings' is being finalized with extra filming, hopefully by next spring that will be available as well.

No Guns on the sacred Pipestone National Monument grounds

The latest project we are working on is letting people know about the new ruling that the government will be bringing in in January. The ruling will allow anyone to be on National Park land or National Wildlife areas carrying concealed weapons. This will include the Pipestone National Monument, a place, where since time immemorial it has been an unwritten law that weapons should be buried before setting foot on the land. A place that is very sacred to most Native American Tribes.

The Park Superintendant is trying to get the Monument an exemption from this ruling because of it's history and religious standing.

We have set up a facebook group for people to have their say and to join to keep up to date on the issue. We have also set up a website giving more details. A petition is being worked on.

Facebook group



1. The bill was overturned by a Judge in May 09.

2. Congress passed a bill for Credit Card reform in June 09 and attached to that bill was the bill for the Concealed Weapons on National Parks bill. So it has passed and will come into effect in 2010. We are still working on getting Pipestone some type of exemption

We also now have a Facebook page for the Little Feather Center, where you can become a fan. Updated news will be put on there as it comes in, rather than waiting ages for it to appear on here. The URL for the page is HERE

The news that was on this first page has been moved to the News page. Only the latest news will be on this page.

If you wish to order some stone or a Pipe, join the Quarriers Guild, or attend a workshop please use the form page HERE

Please sign our guest book to let us know you have visited. Just click on 'View my Guestbook' and then click the 'post' link and enter your information. We look forward to hearing from you. The guestbook link is on most pages

2014: Please send any queries to Gloria at the email address on the graphic above. Please put LFIC as the topic - Thanks

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