For many years we have been asked to present workshops on various subjects in more depth. Up to now the Beads & Buckskins program was the only way we presented education to the general public. This is a great program but either the time isn't available or the subject is not one we feel comfortable teaching under such a setting. So we have decided to extend our teaching to these workshops described below. If you are interested in participating in any of them please click thru to the relevant pages and book thru the form available there in each section. Thank you.

A couple of years ago a workshop was offered to Tribes to come to Pipestone and learn how to quarry and make pipes, but the result was very dissappointing to us all, and had those results told how many years Pipes would be available the answer would have been only until the quarriers of today are able to quarry, because no young people signed up for it.

We have discussed this workshop and have decided to offer it to any enrolled Native American over the internet, maybe when people read the information about this workshop they will either want to do it themselves or know someone who would want to do it. Please look thru the pages that describe the workshop which is called:

Quarrying for the Sacred Red Stone
Enrolled Native Americans only

From this
To this

We have many people asking us for Pipe making lessons and so have put on this one a few times. You will be shown how to cut the stone, and carve a basic Pipe. You can see from the photos above the first and last stages of this process. You do not have to be enrolled in a tribe to participate in this workshop. It is recommended that you participate in the Power of the Sacred Pipe workshop before attending this one.

Carving a Sacred Pipe

Many people believe that a Pipe is just a tool they use to say prayers, they don't understand the relevance of the PIpe or that it has a life of it's own. This workshop gives the history of the Pipe, it's characteristics, and what being a holder of a Pipe entails. It is a big responsibility, one that should not be taken lightly or without the knowledge that this workshop extends.

The Power of the Sacred Pipe Workshop