Marie Caller and Andrew Hazell

07 - 07 - 07

Wedding Gifts

Our budget hasn't stretched enough for us to afford a Honeymoon. We decided that the Wedding itself was important to us both and so we have been saving so that the day itself would be lovely amd something we could look back on with love and pleasure.

Now however we are left with no Honeymoon and so we thought that as we have things for the home already that we would be cheeky and instead of wedding gifts we would ask for cash or Thomas Cook vouchers from our friends and family to see if we get enough to pay for a Honeymoon somewhere really nice...... Or even Brighton!

If you are interested in joining in with this venture you can get vouchers from Thomas Cook in the High Street or on line HERE

You can contact either Andrew or Marie at the web sites email:


Bridal Party



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