princess diana exhibit

Collection of Princess Diana Dolls
Diana Wedding dress, very good copy of the dress. 21" tall (4)
Navy blue dress with a stole (4)

Detail of the above wedding dress

Close up of the previous doll

Red beadwork evening dress (4)
'Portraits of Diana' Collection by artist Titus Tomescu, Ashton Drake Diana doll wearing the Travolta dress. The original gown went for the highest price among all the other dresses offered in auction: $222,500. Nominated for Doll of the year award in 1998. (9)
Beautiful blue and black dress with beadwork (4)
Close up of the previous doll
Queen of Hearts Porcelain doll, 20" tall she wears a beautiful blue shimmery taffeta type gown (8)
Princes Diana wearing the Elvis dress in the Franklin Mint doll. (9)
Great American Doll Company Diana doll with a copy of the Diana dress they bought from the Christies auction. This dress is of brocade studded with sequins. Limited edition of 1,500. (11)
Goldberger doll Company New York, 1982, in the Hachi gown (5)
Madame Alexander collectable doll commemmorating Princess Diana (9)
This doll is a likeness of Diana Spencer as a child of 12. 35" tall designed by Bruno Rossellini. 5,000. Great American Doll Company 1997. (10)
This doll is costumed in a re-creation of the stunning black dress designed by Christina Stambolian. It is authorized and authenticated by Christina Stambolian, the designer of the original dress. By Franklin Mint. (9)
Franklin Mint doll in the blue suit. These dolls have a whole wardrobe of clothes, 2 are shown here. (9)
Outfits (4)




rose Most of the collection is at present located at 317 4th St NE, Pipestone, MN, USA. You are most welcome to come in to view it, entrance to the Center is free. While you are there please take a look at the 'Spirit of Peace' Native American museum in the back of the building, and the dolls for sale at 'Where Two Worlds Meet'.



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