princess diana exhibit

Collection of Princess Diana Photographs

There are many thousands of photographs of the Princess, they have been taken in places all around the world. The few I am showing here are my favorites. I hope you like them as well.

Copyright belongs to the photographers who snapped the photos.

The Fairy Tale Wedding

Diana with Prince Harry

This was taken at Thorpe Park, only a few yards from where I grew up.

Angola, taken just prior to her passing.

This is my all time favorite picture of the Princess

A function in Scotland

This picture shows a Princes who is happy and very open to whatever comes her way.

This and the next picture are my favorite dresses, along with the Travolta and the pale blue dress she wore when she fell asleep at a function when she was pregnant with William

One of the dolls in my collection is wearing a copy of this pale blue dress

The carpet in this picture looks the same as the one in the big standup of Diana shown on the right. I guess she had to have been to this place at least twice.



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