princess diana exhibit

A private collection of Princess Diana items which was on display in Pipestone, Minnesota

princess diana plate


The collection was loaned to the 'Little Feather Interpretive Center' in Pipestone, Minnesota for 3 years. I felt that it was better for more people to see the items than to keep them 'for my eyes only'. When the collection came out of the Center I started to do talks with some of the items. I have been to hospitals, nursing homes and Red Hat meetings in the local area. If you would like a talk please contact me. (

Gloria doing a Princess Diana talk at a Nursing Home in MN 2005


Some of the items in the collection are from 1981 when Lady Diana Spencer, as she was known then, married her Prince Charming, Charles, Prince of Wales. The picture of the plate above is just one of the items showing her in her wedding dress. (4)

I will be putting the approximate value of each item by the side of each description. The prices are worked out by my own experience in buying, locating, speaking to other collectors, prices at auctions, and expert input. Please don't take the prices as being set in stone though, as prices can fluctuate, especially at auctions. The prices shown are to be used as a guide only.

The items shown on this site are all from my own collection, copyright of all items are by the person who wrote, drew or recorded them. Ownership of the actual item is mine.

The collection was located in the Center at 317 4th St NE, Pipestone, MN, USA. When it was there a lot of people came in to view it. Entrance to the Center is free. There are two museums to see in there now, Ancient Tracks and Ancient Voices, please visit if you are able.




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