princess diana exhibit

Collection of Unusual Princess Diana Items
This is actually a wooden statue of Diana in her wedding dress.
The Travolta dress as a Christmas tree decoration. Carlton.
Coalport China statuette of the Princess. J. Bromley sculptor, Compton & Woodhouse.
This is an amazing jigsaw puzzle, it is made up of hundreds of tiny flowers, each one goes to make a picture of Diana's beautiful face.
This stamp is of the same picture as the puzzle.
A dress-up doll with a difference, these are magnets, five different outfits in the set.
An unusual memorial pin from Scotland. Inside the flap it says, 'A lone piper bid Diana, Princess of Wales, farewell.'
These are telephone cards from Australia, featuring photos of the Princess. There are various styles of these around.
Another Carlton Christmas tree ornament, this time she is wearing the Elvis dress
A gold belt buckle
'Princess', the Ty Co Beanie bear made in memorial of Diana
A piece of lace with Diana's face



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