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This is a gathering place for all those interested in spiritual growth and healing. If anyone wishes to share insights, experiences, knowledge and/or has a question, just e-mail Elizabeth.

A Little About Rev. Elizabeth

Rev. Elizabeth McCabe is a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. She has facilitated Healing Circles and has had a Reiki practice since 1991. She is registered with IARP -- The International Association of Reiki Professionals.*

Rev. Elizabeth grew up in New York City and moved to New Jersey in 1979. In 1987 she experienced an awakening which put her on a path of healing both for herself and others. She opened an holistic center in Cranbury, NJ and met Gloria Hazell and family. Gloria introduced Elizabeth to Pipestone, MN and to Little Feather Indian & Interpretive Center.**

After several years of working with Reiki energy, Elizabeth felt drawn to get closer to God. She joined a church in New York State and was ordained. Realizing her calling was not in an "organized religion", she left the church and moved to Pipestone in 1994. (Gloria and family had moved to Pipestone area in 1993.)

Today Elizabeth is an ordained member of Universal Life Church and conducts a non-judgmental healing ministry that is open to all. Elizabeth is registered as clergy at the Pipestone County courthouse and can legally perform weddings throughout Minnesota. She feels a special bond with Gloria and her family, and with Chuck Derby and his Dakota Family who run the Little Feather Center and appreciates being treated as family.

Reiki classes and sessions (as well as Healing Circles) are mainly conducted in the area of Pipestone, MN in SW MN but Elizabeth will travel to other areas of MN and SD if arrangements are made for groups, etc. Reiki Clinics (also called Shares) are held periodically. These give an opportunity to experience Reiki in a shorter session for a good will donation. Also gives practitioners a chance to work with other practitioners and receive a session themselves in a group setting.

If someone is unable to attend these clinics or experience Reiki in their own area and are in need of help, arrangements can be made for distant healing or name can be included in a healing circle. Contact Elizabeth by email or phone for more information.

For more information about Elizabeth's spiritual journey, Reiki sessions and classes, Healing Circles and/or Distant Healing, etc., call Elizabeth at 507-825-6391 or email her at

*To learn more about the International Association of Reiki Professionals, go HERE
**To learn more about Chuck Derby and Little Feather Indian & Interpretive Center, go HERE


One day I will discover I am free
Rev. Elizabeth McCabe in the Pipestone County Museum
Elizabeth in Sedona


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