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Our Kokums/Great Grandmas are aging and want to see this old style gathering of how "their women of the land" once gathered to share information, medicines, teachings, ceremonies, language, dry meat/fish/stories/ with their children and grand children....

So our first gathering will take place at Onion Lake, Saskatchewan. the week of July 14, 17 2009

The Onion Lake Cree Nation is situated 50 kilometers north of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and Alberta's Border City, at the junction of Highway #17 and secondary Highway #797.

There will be Tipi style camp outs, beading, stories, hunting-woman warriors, drumming, great grandmother teachings, stories, sharing, and you can learn to dry meat. This is for our daughter's daughters generations to learn the old ancestral teachings which we call our 'knowledge bundles'.

How can you get involved? One way is to contribute with give aways, another is to come and join us, you can escort a grandmother or great grandmother, cook, stay in a tipi, be there for grandmothers with no families, attend sweats, feasts, adopt a grand daughter/grandchild with no grandma, help get a grandmother there and back, keep an open mind to preserving our ancrestral teaching for generations to come,

Don't be shy, please get involved, no-one bites, just pitch in and volunteer, pass around the posters coming out, donate a blanket,

A pow-wow follows this event and its a great time for relaxing and having fun, make new friends, support and become a part of "Canadian Indigenous Grandmothers Networking', We need to get up and awaken that Spirit Indigenous women have and find the strength to gather and preserve what our grandmothers taught us.

For more information on the Onion Lake Cree Nation please click HERE

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