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On here will be the teachings and photos of the Grandmothers of these areas. Please send your information in if you want to share it.

United Kingdom

Gloria Hazell-Derby
England and America

Grandmother of 9 ranging in age from 20 years to 4 months. Pictured above with Jenny (20) Luca (2) and the twins Rubie and April (1). My son Matt, dad to Luca, is also in the photo, as is our dog Rascal!

I am the designer of this website.

My heritage is Gypsy, English traditional. I lived with my mother, my daughter, and my grand-daughter for a number of years in England, until my mum passed away in 2008. It was very interesting 4 generations of women living under the same roof. (see photos)

My long time partner is Dakota Sioux he lives in Minnesota, and follows the traditional way of life.

My mother taught me as a child to always give offerings before taking anything, and to ask for permission first. This meant animal, vegetable, mineral it didn't matter, according to mum everything has a Spirit and is entitled to live it's life in it's own way. We used to go out looking for fairy rings and we would leave small pieces of material under each toadstool for the fae to make dresses from. From my own teachings I easily slipped into the spiritual and cultural ways of the Dakota, so that when I am in Minnesota I can assist my partner on his path.


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