Beauty born from years of life

crinkled face; laughter and tears,

spreading waistline, drooping bust,

memories of gold.

Grandma carries all there is

but who is it who wants to know?

No one left to listen, to learn

and time it marches on.

But look, look here

a place where we can share

traditions of old,

once more warm again

now our stories can be told.

Gloria Hazell 2009

This website is for the Facebook group that was 'Audrey Desvents Gathering the Grandmothers/Kokums'.

Audrey has disbanded that group but continues to Gather the Grandmothers worldwide via this site.

We hope that Grandmothers where-ever you are will join us to pass along teachings that would be lost.
We welcome you here and we hope that you will start a Gathering of your own culture, and send the information you glean to us here to share with the world.

Right now Canadian First Nations women are organizing the first Gatherings, please look on the Events page for Gatherings that could be near to you. If you organize one please let us know about it and we can put it on the site, We hope there are many in the future so that our stories can continue.


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