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This organization was born in 1989, in Roosevelt, New Jersey, just after my grand-daughter, Jenny, was born. I wanted her to grow up in a world that would be clean, safe, and beautiful. I knew that at that time the world was heading in a direction which was nothing like my wish, so I decided to do something about it. I began by reading a lot about environmental matters, what was being done, and what wasn't. I already knew that the Native ways of caring for the Earth was always sound, so I eventually opted to write a journal style newsletter for anyone who wanted to subscribe to it, which dealt with environmental issues but leaning towards the old ways. In the journal were pages dealing with endangered species, latest updates, book reports, letters, and my own experiences while travelling around America. One issue, (#4) was written for children, by children, about children. I invited kids to send in their thoughts and they did. Poems, drawings and essays arrived and were included. It was a hit.

It became clear that I had to do more so I began to make plans for a Gathering. I contacted people in Pipestone, Minnesota about putting it on there, and before long I had a group willing to help. This was all being done voluntarily, so I felt lucky to have such a good group of people working with me. The Gathering sounded wonderful, it was full of interesting things to do and learn. Those attending would be sleeping in tipis, meeting up with Native Americans, (some of whom had acted in 'Dances With Wolves'), attending a pow-wow, listening to great presenters, including John Robbins, participating in Ceremony, and travelling to a beautiful unspoiled land, where the air was clean and the people friendly. The cost for all this would be just $350, and that included transport from NJ to MN. There was going to be a children's programs too which would cost $60. Of course food was included in those prices. We felt that for a 4 day event that price was very good, and we would be swamped with people wanting to attend. We were wrong. Only a few people wanted to come, so we had to cut back on the program, but we still held it. Everyone who attended enjoyed it, they got information and learned and they made friends. I must say that it was the best thing that I have ever done, because from it started a path which I wouldn't have taken had it been cancelled.


Our Journal was called 'Medicine Pouch' and I wrote and published it monthly or quarterly for three years, then I moved to Minnesota and I didn't have so many things to write about as my travelling adventures stopped at that point. I will copy a few articles from the Pouch here as the issues haven't really changed and you may just enjoy them. I hope so anyway. The first comes from June/July 1992.

The Prejudices of Man

Recently thoughts of this subject have been coming to me regularly, mainly because I've been speaking with a lot of Native Americans. The way that they are still treated by society, is frightening. I wondered why people hate one another so much, and I came to the realization that we are all indoctrinated to hate and be scared of other races, religions, and social habits. Whites are told that the Red race are lazy alcoholics. Blacks are thought of by society as being druggies or pushers who carry guns and knives and attack people. The Yellow race is always portrayed as a people who have a lot of kids, which tips the balance of the population, and as Communists, carry a little red book around. The Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese are shown as a cruel people, and are still disliked by society because of the wars. None of these things are true.

That is what we as whites are told, but consequesntly those races are indoctrinated too. Red people are told that all non-natives are dangerous, especially the whites, because we steal their land, religions and anything else that they keep Sacred. Of course the Black race fare no better. They have the memories of slavery, Civil Rights, and the Klan to add to their history, and I guess the Yellow race has the same type of history to be indoctrinated with.

When are we as people of this world going to be given a chance to decide for ourselves about other people? Why do we have to wear these antiquated millstones around our necks? Can we not be trusted to use our own experiences, our intuitions to see who is bad or good. I was bought up to believe that everyone is equal, and I was lucky enough to have friends of all races throughout my life. And yes, there are bad of all colors, including white. But I found that out for myself. When coming to America from England in 1981 my first friend just happened to be Black, and next door to us lived a Korean family, who my kids made friends with. Yet Whites who lived near to us were cold and standoffish. Now I have friends of all colors, religions, and ages.

People are people, they bleed the same red blood, and have the same feelings inside of them. If we were blind we wouldn't be able to see the differences, we also wouldn't be able to see the beautiful flowers of various colors and sizes which live in peace, and make a wondeful display just being together. We also wouldn't see the forests of different trees, together making a world of security and protection for themselves and us.

We could be the same as the flowers and trees if only we'd give each other a chance. We could be beautiful in our differences. Why don't we all go out today and say 'Hi' to someone who is different to us. Then watch the shock, and gradually a smile come on to that person's face. We all have to take a stand to make a change in our world. After all we live on this planet together, and if we are given half a chance we can complement each other.

Written by Gloria Hazell ©1992

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