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Oil Pipelines

Pipelines, who didn't hear about them in 2016/17? Standing Rock Reservation, the people who went there to help the Lakota in their quest to stop a pipeline going through their land and potentially leaking into their water? It was big news, all over the World. The Lakota wanted to stop the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL) with prayer, the police and army and Pipeline workers wanted it to go through by using force. People helping and supporting the Lakota, the Lakota themselves, were injured in various ways by the forces coming against them. It was horrendous, and because of the uneven fight people around the world supported the Lakota from Standing Rock. President Obama in the end said NO to the Pipeline and everyone thought it had gone away. Not so though, Obama's tenure in the White House came to an end and a new President took his place. Trump. he decided to allow the pipeline to go through. Trouble brewed again, but quieter this time. The camps are still there but fewer people and not much publicity. I saw today (April 17th 2018) that a Pipeline is trying to come down a different route, close by the Sisseton Reservation in South Dakota, which is further east to where it was planned for, so I don't know. I will continue to monitor the happenings of DAPL and KXL.

2016: Great news! A lawsuit by Bold Nebraska has resulted in a permanent injunction against the law used to route Keystone XL in Nebraska.

It's not clear what that means for the whole process just yet -- but it's definitely clear that TransCanada has another big headache on their hands. Let's give them more trouble, shall we?

The KXL will carry un-refined tar sands from Canada that they propose routing across America to a refinery, and then it will be sold on, it will not be for the American Citizen's benefit. Their water can be polluted, Ogallala Aquifer, the people can die and for what? So the US can sell the oil to other countries. So America gets the money, the people can die, but no oil comes to America. They whole situation is ludicrous. You cannot drink oil!

This is the story of just one Pipeline.
Oil pipelines leaking:

Up to date information on Oil Spills around the world - 2018

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