'Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul'

'One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.'
JRR Tolkien

Bombadil's Library

In the House of Tom Bombadil
"The four hobbits stepped over the wide stone threshold, and stood still, blinking. They were in a long low room, filled with the light of lamps swinging from the beams of the roof; and on the table of dark polished wood stood many candles, tall and yellow, burning brightly."

"Nothing could be seen all round the house but falling water...... 'It's a good day for long tales, for questions and for answers, so Tom will start the talking.' "

"He then told them many remarkable stories..... he told them tales of bees and flowers, the ways of trees, and the strange creatures of the Forest, about the evil things and the good things, things friendly and things unfriendly, cruel things and kind things, and secrets hidden under brambles."

The Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien

Unfortunately, Tom Bombadil was not included in the movie of Lord of the Rings, I can understand that because he didn't add to the movie storyline, but even so it is a shame because to me, he, and his partner Goldberry, were enigmatic characters. When I read the Lord of the Rings I pictured Bombadil as a highly evolved, intellegent, sprite with a very large library, where he sat quietly reading while Goldberry did her 'washing'. I was quite sad to see he wasn't in the film.

We don't have a Tom Bombadil on this site to tell you stories, but we do have the opportunity to show you books that may allow you to be like Tom Bombadil one day and have the gift of story-telling yourself. My own library is pretty large, it contains mostly non-fiction books, they vary in subjects from my own ancient English culture, to a number about the latest computer technology. I believe those who read can hold their own in any conversation because they have the confidence of knowledge to fall back on. We can't all be Tom Bombadil but every little bit helps!

Why not take a look at the books below. If you click on the pictures the link will take you to the Amazon site where you can buy the book. The link is to the American site but you could probably get the book at other Amazon sites, or in your local book store.


First things first... the stories.......

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings [BOX SET] by J. R. R. Tolkien

Reviewer: Angel from central Mississippi
These books captured my imagination like no other books ever have. Tolkien's vision is astounding. His ability to use words to paint such an enormous and vivid picture is without equal. I cannot get enough of Middle Earth. Although these are fantasy novels, everything is so real. Middle Earth is a place where childhood dreams, nightmares, and fantasies all come true in bright, vivid colors.


The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth
Robert Foster

Reviewer: kyliehaydn from VA, USA
I loved this book. As cliche as it sounds, this encyclopeadia of Tolkien's world is an essential guide to both new-comers and devotees alike. For every name, every place, and every concept that is mentioned in the novels, there is a listing and extensive explanation. I was able to cross-reference my way to the very beginnings of the Ainur and the development of Middle-earth to unravel some nagging questions that had always confused me.


Atlas of Middle-earth
Karen Wynn Fonstad (Author)

The author is a qualified geographer and cartographer who first mapped Middle-Earth in 1981. There are local maps of key places like the Mines of Moria, Lothlorien, Isengard, Minas Tirth, the Tower of Cirith Ungol, and the volcanic Mount Doom. War maps cover the saga's notable battles, Thematic maps show Middle-Earth's distribution of climate, geological features, vegetation, people, and (most importantly to Tolkien) languages....


The Making of the Movie Trilogy (The Lord of the Rings)
Brian Sibley (Author)

For the first time in history, three major movies were made at the same time, a triumphant and monumental undertaking that took the world by storm. Here can be found details about the hundreds of dedicated artists, craftspeople and cast and crew members who labored for years -- adding authenticity at every stage -- to bring one of the greatest stories ever told to an eager film audience.
"It was tiring, physically and mentally, but never dull."
Peter Jackson


The Fellowship of the Ring Visual Companion (The Lord of the Rings)
Jude Fisher (Author), J.R.R. Tolkien

This book is a real treat for Tolkien fans and brings readers up close to some of the amazing detail they will find in the big-screen version of this fantasy classic. Not just a straightforward movie guide, this is more of a Middle-earth encyclopedia with information on the people and places to which moviegoers will be introduced. The text is informative and never presumes any level of knowledge, making this book more than accessible for Tolkien fans or those who have yet to discover his work.


The Two Towers Visual Companion: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion (The Lord of the Rings)
Jude Fisher (Author)

The official, fully authorized companion to the second part of Peter Jackson's award-winning trilogy. This book is a full-color guide to the characters, places and landscapes of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth as depicted in the second film in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and features a special introduction by Viggo Mortensen, who plays Aragorn. Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 full-color photographs, including exclusive images of Gollum, Treebeard and the battle of Helm's Deep.


J.R.R. Tolkien - Master of the Rings - The Definitive Guide to the World of the Rings

Reviewer: forrie from Nashua, NH United States
Finally a very informative collection of film, 3D maps, a chronological detail narrative about the "Lord of the Rings", comments from Tolkien scholars, JRR Tolkiens son & daughter. Plus some film and the voice of the Master Of the Rings himself, JRR Tolkien. This is a very exciting Full Screen DVD.

Please note this DVD is for Tolkien fans more than Legolas or Aragorn fans!


For Tolkien lovers

The Book of Lost Tales 1 (The History of Middle-Earth - Volume 1)
J. R. R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (Editor)

Ingram: The first form of the myths and legends in Tolkien's conception of the Middle Kingdom--and which later came to be called The Silmarillion--follows Eriol as he makes his westward voyage to where the Elves dwell. Reprint.

Or if you prefer .....



Viggo Mortenson - Recent Forgeries
Viggo Mortensen

Reviewer: michaelsangel from Rushville, IN United States
Many of today's "movie" folk have discovered something many of us already knew. Under the magic of movies, there is a man named Viggo Mortensen who happens to be an actor, along with a painter, a poet, and an individual who encourages others to think, read and be honest with themselves. This book is about modern art, words and truth. Not a pretty face, or a mindless photo hound. This book can provoke thought, appreciation and most of all, inspire you to become creative in whatever media suits you. Just when you think you've seen each frame clearly, you will find additional depth and subtle nuances that entrance.


Be like the Elves and learn about the culture of the trees

Tree Wisdom
Jacqueline Memory Paterson

Druidry, Wicca, Shamanism, and other earth-based traditions value trees as a source of spiritual wisdom. This book, the result of eight years of intensive research, presents a fully comprehensive guide to the myth, magic, and healing properties of our powerful arboreal friends. Includes tips on identifying different trees, the customs and legends attached to each, their healing properties and magical applications. The author is an arch-druidress and co-founder of the Glastonbury Order of Druids and the Council of British Druid Orders.


This is one of my favourite books on trees

Meetings With Remarkable Trees
Thomas Pakenham

The Author, a distinguished historian of Africa, takes a new tack by writing an old-fashioned kind of book: a catalog of trees of the British Isles. The last such book was published in 1826. In Meetings with Remarkable Trees Pakenham assembles a beautifully photographed gallery of 60-odd trees of Scotland, England, and Ireland, and magnificent trees they are. One is a 600-year-old king oak that looms large over Charleville, Ireland; another is the yew tree that Wordsworth called the "pride of Lorton's vale"; still another is a sequoia brought from the United States and planted in a Herefordshire grove in 1851, where it has since flourished.


Sacred Trees

Trees are sacred beings, nurturing us with oxygen, food, material for shelter, and even medicines. A heartfelt, passionate discussion of the history and meaning of trees, along with dozens of illustrations, gives a new appreciation of their beauty, uniqueness, and special place in our lives. Travel the world to examine how a multitude of cultures have formed deep and enduring bonds with trees, from the Celts, who developed a 13-month tree calendar, to the Ainu of Japan, who plant one whenever a child is born. Almost all believed these majestic gifts of nature possessed a special "life force" and were even endowed with spirits.

Another great favourite of mine
Other books by John O'Donohue include:
Eternal Echoes, Conamara Blues, and Echoes of Memory.
Anam Cara : A Book of Celtic Wisdom
John O'Donohue (Author)
offers an exploration of the secret universe we all carry inside us, the connections we forge with the worlds of our friends and loved ones, and the products of our worlds reflected in the things we create outside of ourselves. Anam Cara, Gaelic for "soul friend," is an ancient journey down a nearly forgotten path of wisdom into what it means to be human. Drawing on this age-old perspective, John O'Donohue helps us to see ourselves as the Celts did: we're more than just flesh, blood, and bone; we comprise individual worlds. The comprehension of the sublime architecture of the worlds we are born with will engender a new appreciation for the outside world and the way we contribute to its evolution.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this site. If you have any comments please write.

nim-alph di e tasar (White-swan under the willow)

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