'One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie.'
JRR Tolkien


I wonder how Treebeard would feel if he saw the way the people of today are destroying the trees in the Rain Forests of the world. I could imagine him calling to all the other trees to go after these monsters with their machines. However he would not be able to get to the real culprits as they would be sitting smugly in their own little towers raking in the money from the destruction.

Tolkien himself wrote, “The savage sound of the electric saw is never silent wherever trees are still found growing. Every tree has its enemy, few have an advocate. In all my works, I take the part of trees as against all their enemies.”

Back in the far away days of the British Isles the people used to revere the trees, they had a whole alphabet dedicated to the various sacred trees. This alphabet was called Ogham. I wonder if Aragorn and Legolas knew how to write in Ogham?

To get back to the trees, we need to plant trees if we are able to, they not only look beautiful and peaceful, but they work hard at keeping the air clean for us to breath in, we in turn give them breath from what we breath out. A nice arrangement don't you think? They can give us shade in the summer and a wind break during the winter. Some even give us fruit to eat!

I went to a site called Shady Oaks and they have E-trees to plant on your site so I got a few to add here to give us a nice environment. I hope Treebeard will be happy here.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this site. If you have any comments please write.

nim-alph di e tasar


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