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The cost of a website is between £100 and £200 depending on the amount of pages/graphics you want.

Some of the web sets cost a bit more because you can get exclusive ownership of that set. The price is on the page examples.

A contract/agreement will be sent to you giving our side of the deal, after our first correspondence with you. Once that has been signed by you and a 50% payment has been received by us we will start on the site.


The small print

Upon entering into an Agreement with us to construct your site, we will provide a date for the site to be finished, and an estimate for any extras.

Any changes you make during the early stages will not cost any more but any other changes after the site has been loaded onto the server and goes live will be charged for.

Half of the price has to be paid upfront (plus any extras if necessary for a domain, web server, etc.) and the balance is due to be paid as the site goes live.


We accept checks/cheques, and payment using Paypal.

Information for Paypal will be given to you during our initial correspondence with you.



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