Your Own Wedding Site



Package A: is for the web set graphics you want and a general home page set up it will cost £50
and then for each regular page (no photos) after that it will cost £5
Photo pages are £10 each

A web set includes a header, buttons and bar,

This package end price depends on how many pages you chose and what type.

Package B: is for a site with a homepage set up, and 5 extra pages.
( Additional pages are available for an extra cost)
A web set including a header, buttons and bar,
4 - 6 graphics,

Up to 10 Wedding photos can be added after the event. (2 pages)

would normally be £125, £100

Package C: is for a full customised web set graphics, (background, fancy header, buttons, bullets and bars)
a home page set up and an extra 10 pages with photos

Would normally be £225, £200


Package D: is for a one page site, (similar length to this one,) giving basic details, such as where the ceremony and reception will be held with directions. A basic web set will be included.

Budget price of £30

Package A, B, & C: 100 small cards that you can give out to your guests showing the site URL will be included in the price (UK only)

The pages that are most popular are:

'Our Story', 'The Proposal Story', 'Bridal Party', 'Ceremony', 'Reception', 'Schedule of Events', 'Our Families',
'Bridesmaids', 'Groomsmen', 'Dress', 'Flowers', 'Vendors' or 'Links', 'Honeymoon'. 'Directions',
'For Out of Towners', 'Contact us', 'Newly Weds' Wedding Gift List'. Thank you,

You can chose from them or have a title of your own

Extras for a fixed price are as follows:

Customized Graphics (bars, buttons, backgrounds, etc.) = £75

Animated graphics = £15 per hour
If you wish any added extras please contact us for a price.


You can choose from a dezign with the three layers as this page is,

or a background and a Center table (see below)


This is a background with a Center table example. The colours and dezignz are up to you so each will be different. If the background dezign is a busy one with lots of flowers or graphics, a center plain part is recommended so that the words can be seen.


Or a one background page with a left hand design (see below)

This type of background is good with a smaller computer screen. This background is Laura.

Or just a plain simple background with no graphics (Package D)


Each site will be left on line for 4 months after your wedding date.




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