Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2021
December 9th

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the LIVE 2021 Memorial Ride! I believe that everyone is very happy to see things back to normal this year, well, as normal as things can get during a Pandemic. We wish everyone on the Ride safety and protection. Prayers will be done every day

This year I am making up a very simple design for the website, using the four Sacred Colors, red, yellow, white and black, plus the other two Colors green and blue for the set up. These alone are a prayer in themselves. (see the post from Allen Sheppard at the bottom of each page.)

As usual on these pages will be photos taken by various people many collected by Ron Hamm who is our Moderator for Photos. Photographers send him the photos they have taken each day and he makes up a collage of them and posts them on our Face book page. I then use whichever seem good for each day's web page. These people get credited on a separate page at the end of the Ride.

Also on each days page will be comments, good wishes and prayers from our members for the Riders and the Ride that I collect each day from the FB group page. If you would like your words put on here do please post a comment on the group page. They do need to be OK'd but there are plenty of Admins to do that so they should show quite quickly. You can also post under someone else's comments, I catch them all if possible. If I have liked your post then I have it!

This year I will add people's wishes to the Riders on both side columns of the page. Photos and information will be added to the central column. Where the Ride will be each day will be on a panel lower down the page.

Links to each page of the site will be right at the bottom, each page will not go live until it has been finished and uploaded. Any other links will also be at the bottom. Some may be from previous year's sites.

Mary Dunlop
I’m excited….I’ve been following this ride for years….always emotional….
Gary Dubke
God's blessings for a safe ride this year and we are looking forward to welcoming you all home.
Mina Shike
Amy K. Alward
Kathy Kurta
Prayers for a safe ride.
Tammy Kunsi Pitzl
I’ve been Praying already just with the anticipation.
Heather Keeler
Is there a way for us to know what the needs are ? I know a small group of us from up north want to help in anyway we can.
Cindy Bonnewell-Kennedy
Prayers for them all
Lola Blaine
Karen K. Hughes
I always look forward to this awesome event and appreciate your updates.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy MacIntosh - Thanks.
Sammy Jo Crosby
Sending prayers for them all.
Cynthia Backman
Best wishes for a safe ride!!
Sharon Greene
Many blessings for safe travels A’HO
Cheryl Belgarde
Prayers for the riders for a safe ride, the supporters and helpers.
Joanne Mulbah
Have a safe ride.
Penelope Hernandez
looking forward, hope to be there again to welcome everyone in the future.
Paula Parker
Thinking of you all. Prayers for each and every one of you
Rhonda Cooper-Busch
Have a beautiful, safe ride
Helen Thompson
Blessings Gloria and all admins.
Laura Resler
Blessings and safe travels to all the riders and helpers

The Riders will be staying at either the Golden Buffalo Hotel in the Lower Brule or the Fort Thompson Hotel tonight, The horses will be In the Lower Brule Rodeo Grounds Coral.
Food will be at the Lower Brule High School at 6 pm.
Thanks to all who have helped in the Lower Brule/Fort Thompson area.

Tomorrow they start to Ride

From Allen Sheppard
I love you all and all of you continue to give strength in a good way. Ignore the negative, Uphold the positive continue to refuse to even comment on negativity, we are for healing forgiveness and unity of the six colors, four directions and colors of man, green the earth, and blue, that which is above all. Every human of every society and faith holds a piece of the puzzle and one day we will all need to come together to see the true and good picture. - kodapi .~mn renegade

Mitakuye Owasin

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