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A listing of pubs and eating places in the Staines area giving ratings of the eatary

Anne Boleyn Hotel
29 The Hythe,
Staines, Middlesex,
TW18 3JA,
01784 455930

Originally from the 16th Century, now modernised
The Thames Lodge
Thames Street,
Staines, Middlesex,
TW18 4SJ,
01784 464433

This used to be called the Packhorse.

Taken over by Murcure along with the name change.

Main building is from 1800's

The Swan
The Hythe
Staines, Middlesex,
TW18 3JB
01784 452494

The Angel Hotel
24 High St,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4EE
01784 452509
Was originally called the Angel and Crown, established in 1309

Now also a restaurant, Baroosh
The Blue Anchor
13-15 High St,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4QY
01784 469426
This old pub has some false windows from when windows were taxed, They are still there even though it is no longer a pub. Now a couple of restaurants
Cock Inn
46 Church St,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4XR

Run a hundred years ago by Mrs Mary Key.

2013 - This is now offices, I am leaving it on here for historic purposes.

The George
2-8 High St,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4EE
01784 462181
The 'George', on the east side of Church Street, ceased to be an inn during the 18th century and was later pulled down
.One of the newer pubs, this pub is situated close to where the original George was located.
Jolly Butcher
174 Kingston Rd,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 1PE
01784 453281
The Litten Tree
141-147 High St,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4PA
01784 495690

Almost the newest pub in town, frequented by the younger crowd

Now a buffet oriental restaurant

North Star
52 Kingston Rd,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4LN
01784 450736
Close to the train station
Two Rivers Pub
(was the Phoenix)
43 Church St,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4EN
01784 452384

Another old pub. This was an Ashton owned premises. Ashton's was the brewery just across the street, located behind the Cock Inn.

The Swan Inn
Moor Lane,
Staines, Middlesex
TW19 6EB
01784 465106

Three Tuns
63 London Rd,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 4BN
01784 453743

The Farmers
The Hythe,
Now closed

The Hob Goblin (Formerly The Clarence Inn)
4, Church Street

The 'Bush' was referred to in 1601. The 'Bush', at the foot of the old bridge, was also the meeting-place of the justices of the Staines division and other local bodies. It was rebuilt as the 'Clarence' at the same time as the new bridge. The Clarence became the Hob Goblin in 1993

The Bells
Church Street

Opposite Saint Mary's Church


Now a sports bar
Anglers Retreat
Laleham Road
Was the Lucan Arms

Old Public Houses now Demolished - On here for Historic Reasons

White Lion
High St

This pub once stood where the one way system goes into South Street, was demolished in 1956, to make way for the road. It had been used as a court house and has a couple of cells in it. It was a very atractive pub and I believe most Staines natives were very upset to see it go.

London Road

Crooked Billet
London Road


Guest Houses

Albany House
2 Glebe Rd,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 1BX
01784 441223
Honeysuckle Cottage Guest House
61 Fairfield Approach,
Wraysbury, Staines,
Middlesex TW19 5DR
01784 482519
Rose Villa Guest House
146 Commercial Rd,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 2QW
01784 440022
The Penton
39 Penton Rd,
Staines, Middlesex
TW18 2JX
01784 458787

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