Saint Mary's

Saint Mary's Church, is the oldest in Staines. It is said that it was built on the same spot where the ancients did their ceremonies, and there are tales of Druidic stones being in the same area. The stones were called the Negen (Nigus) Stones and were mentioned in a 12th century manuscript. There were 9 stones which in the Druidic ways is a sacred number.

St Mary's has been built a number of times, the first actual building was erected in AD 695. Since then we know that it has been rebuilt in the 1630's and the most recent in 1828. Parts of it have been changed over the years, but it still stands in the same place, that of the old pagan site, close to the river Thames.

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St Mary's
Church Street,
St Peter's Church
Laleham Road
Christ Church
Warwick Ave
Staines TW18 1DP

Staines Methodist Church
Thames Street,
Staines, Middlesex.
01784 252559

All Saints
All Saints' Parish Office
The Broadway, Laleham.
TW18 1RZ
Staines Congregational Church
Stainash Crescent,
TW18 1AY
St Davids R C Church
Everest Rd, Staines-upon-Thames, Stanwell, Staines TW19 7EE
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