Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2018

Day 1- December 10th

The photo above is of Hereditary Dakota Chief Wabasha 111, Wapasha or Tahtapesaah. He was the Chief of the Mdewakanton Band in 1862. He assumed his role as chief in 1836 after the death of his father. He rode a white horse and was seen fighting at Fort Ridgely on that horse. People said they had seen him at New Ulm, Birch Coulee and elsewhere but that wasn't confirmed. Wabasha wasn't imprisoned or killed, instead he was first marched to Fort Snelling, along with 196 of his band, then exilled to Crow Creek and 3 years later to Santee, NB. Wabasha rests in a small burial ground in Santee, where some of his descendents reside. Others live in the Lower Sioux area in MN. He was a well respected Chief.

As the sun rises this a.m. ... please keep our Dakota 38+2 relatives in your thoughts and prayers as they start the long journey from Crow Creek South Dakota to Mankato Minnesota!!
To the walkers who start this day in ceremony departing Sisseton South Dakota this a.m. we keep you all in our prayers!!
It has begun... our relatives are coming!!!! -
Franky Jackson

A screenshot taken from the videos that were posted today.

 Lower Brule Reservation - Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

Division: Teton
Band: Sicangu (Brule or Burnt Thigh)
Traditional Language: Lakota
Location: Lower Brule Reservation in Lyman and Stanley counties of central South Dakota.
Land Area: 132,601 acres. The reservation includes nearly 80 miles of Lake Sarpe shoreline.
Major Employers: Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Lower Brule Golden Buffalo Casino, Bureau of Tribal Affairs, Native American Health Service.
The Lower Brule Farm Corp. is the nation's number-one popcorn producer.

Thanks go to the Lower Brule for their hospitality yesterday and this morning.

Today the Ride goes 11 miles from Lower Brule to Fort Thompson, where the horses will stay at the Fort Thompson Rodeo Grounds and the Riders will stay at the Fort Thompson Hotel. Breakfast will be at the Lower Brule High School, Lunch and Dinner will be at the Hotel and hosted by one of our members, Mona Rencountre.

A screenshot taken from the video posted today

Prayers and Good wishes from the Supporters Group for today

Helena Labatte
My prayers going out to all Shunka Wakan and Riders. My love and hugs going out with you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. The children and women will meet up, in Morton. Will see you all then. Take care

Amy Wetherill Woods
I have followed the 38+2 ride for several years now, and admire the strength and dedication of the riders, and the people who meet and support them along the way. Blessings and good wishes to all in this ride, and thank you for keeping the memories alive.

Josette Peltier
You as well will be in our prayers as yours gets started too
Laurene Klammer
Prayers and Smoke! Incredible journey ahead! A' ho!
Alice Erickson
Prayers for everyone, always
Penelope Hernandez
Safe journey to all.
Hazel McCort
Travel safe and take care...horses and humans....blessings from downunder
Kristin Love Leigh
Hoping to see videos or pictures of the ride! Prayers for safe travels!
Joy Maddox
My prayers, heart and spirit are with you all?????
Jeanne Zimmerman
Prayers and smoke for this incredible event.
Carol Bearss
Dropping tobacco and sending prayers each day. Extras in bad weather or other problems. My prayer “while you are away, we, the People all do pray to keep you safe by nite and day.”

Georgia Richmond
My prayers will be with you all to have a safe journey and a remarkable life experience, make good long lasting family friends and grow a lot.

Dave Gunderson
I love the Courage and Bravery Of the native Americans of North America I support you all.. your my royal family my real founding fathers of this nation. I salute you all, I pray for you participating in the Ride. May God be with you and keep you all safe.
Beth Johnson
Thank you for your work and thank you to the riders, horses and their families - all who are involved and support the ride. I am grateful. Good wishes for healing and safe travels, blessings from Mankato.

Marion Adema
I wish everybody a safe and sacred Ride, Horses and Riders and all who accompany them, may your ancestors ride with you and guide you through the storms they faced. Real courage is how they walked to their dead and when they said this is not a day of defeat but a day of victory because we are going to our creator with peace in our heart. I bow my head in respect for that as I bow my head in a great great shame for what has been done to them, and as Riders of today ride with a message of healing and forgiving for the unforgivable, again I bow my head with great gratitude and respect for their courage to ride with this message and to honor their ancestors as the great warriors the were and are !!!

I will follow the ride from over here in the Netherlands by messages and photo's and in my thoughts and prayers I will ride with you, as many others around the world !!

Debby CM Schwartz
*Sage and prayers up* Blessings on the Riders and horses that carry them, and all who support them for safe travel and fair weather. May they have abundant supplies and accommodations to meet all needs. Let their touch continue to be through unconditional love and gratitude as they exemplify the ability to heal the wounds of the past releasing bitterness and resentment through love and kinship.

Ellen Zoey Holden Hadley
Thank you for including me in your group. I add my prayers for safety and strength for all the riders and supporters as you work to honor those passed, teach those living, and change the future for children yet to come. Peace and prayers from stolen Dakota land where two rivers meet, Anoka, MN.

Corona Steve
thanks for accepting me!!!
Becky Ballantine
Have a blessed ride. Be strong and safe.
Roberta Aitchison Olson
Many thanks. Sending up prayers all the helpers
Colleen Oldefendt
Wishing all the best for people and horses on the ride. Prayers.
Darlene Goodine
Sending prayers and love.
Vera Kable
Safe travels and love and prayers
Mark A Dull
Offering prayers up for a safe ride And a spiritual awakening for all involved!
Edward Herdrich
Pilamaya, Gloria, and to everyone involved. Thoughts and prayers every day
Marion Adema
I am not riding , showing my respect and following the ride from over here in the Netherlands for several years now
Jane Lindahl
Prayers to you all for a safe and blessed journey.
Mary Craig
Go Safely Riders!!
Michelle McBride
Journey well, warm and safe!
Barbara Archambault
Prayers for a safe journey.
Home Slice
Hearts to horses and riders!
Tom Wirt
Prayers for Riders and Horses and followers. Hope the Ride keeps growing, not to be big but as a sign more are aware and opening to healing.
Laurene Klammer
Prayers are with you and your team, horses,and the following audience. Opened to heal, be more aware in the Creator is your guide all along, A' Ho.

Ronda Loyer
Hearts for all

Michael Good Shield Sr.
New member · Wopila tanka to.the riders n all.of you that answered that prayer at standing rock...
Mo Nichols
This is powerful. May Creator hear each prayer our riders send,and may safety,respect and honour surround each rider and the horse nation along the way.
Jeremy MacIntosh
The messenger of Peace Wolf just left for the Dakota 38+2 ride!!! May the Creator bless all the riders and families involved!!!
Pamela Kay Leverenz
Many Blessings to all these Riders~
Cece Walter
Prayers and blessings for all the riders and horses.
Diane R. Anderson
It looks like Spirit is willing! Catch up with you in Pipestone!
Crystal Eagle-Bolanos
Smoke and prayers going up for all!

These photos were from Josette

Hoka Hey!!

Lower Brule School, supporting from the side of the road

Some of the Amazing 2018 horses

These photos are screenshots taken from the video posted today

More tomorrow!



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