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Gloria Hazell is English but lived in America for over 30 years, she had also commuted between both countries for a few months at a time for a number of years. She is no longer able to do so though due to finances and personal committments. She has been a Pipe holder for over 30 years under the tutelage of Spirit, various Medicine men and Chuck who she has known and partnered in business and life for many years. (As well as being a Pipe holder himself for many years Chuck has also been a pipe maker and quarrier of the genuine sacred red stone Catlinite for over 50 years in Pipestone Minnesota, where he and Gloria have a home, although they live separately for much of the year, she in England, he in Minnesota, USA. For a number of months each year they come together and work and play in the spiritual realm. It can be a lonely life but they speak to each other every day, much to the delight of the telephone companies, and email and message each other a number of times a day as well. )

Gloria is not Native American but has learned from various people on different reservations across America. She has been Chuck Derby's business partner since 1994, and his emotional partner since 1998. During her time with Chuck she met various Medicine men and spiritual elders and is proud to count as her friends many Sundancers and Medicine men such as Chris Leith, Harry Charger and Galen Drapeau Senior. She also counts AIM leaders Clyde Bellacourt and Dennis Banks and the Keeper of the White Buffalo Pipe, Arvol Looking Horse among her long time acquaintences.

Gloria had the advantage of attending the Pipestone Sundance since it's first year, and pledged at that time to assist with their work and to support the dancers for at least 8 years which she did before she returned to England. She says that she learned more at those Sundances than she did in all the years travelling around the country visiting the Reservations. She now attends the Pipestone Sundance whenever she can.

During her years as Chuck's partner she has travelled with him to political meetings in the Minnesota/South Dakota/Nebraska areas, and so knows quite a bit about how the politics in Indian Country sit. She has worked on various Native American committees, the latest being the 'Dakota Commemorative March'. Also since 2008 Gloria has worked every December running the Facebook group for the Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride

Gloria has worked with Spirit for as long as she can remember, when she was a child her mother taught her the 'Old Ways' of her part of England which she still adheres to today. Recently she was invited to be the 'Official Bard of the Wight Druids' (IOW), which she accepted.

As well as being a Pipe holder, Gloria has also held the position of fire-keeper for Inipi ceremonies, has helped on security at Sundances, and has presented programs on Native American cultures both in America and Europe for over 30 years.

Gloria started an educational program in the mid 1980's in New Jersey where she taught at schools and gave private presentations on the cultural aspects of the Native American tribes. When she moved to Minnesota in the 1990's and re-met Chuck (They originally met in the 1980's)she invited him to join her in these presentations and changed the name to 'Beads and Buckskins'. At present Gloria and Chuck are preparing a new program especially for schools presenting cultural values and how they relate to today's world.

She has 4 children and (updated 2019) 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons and when she was travelling back and forth, in England she lived in a house with her mother (89), her daughter (40) (now 50+) and her grand-daughter (18) (now 30). She laughs as she says, "Four generations of women living under the same roof, all learning from one another, it's quite an experience."

An update: Gloria's Mum has Alzheimers and needs a full time carer so she will be taking care of her mother full time from now on. This website will continue to grow, but travel out of England will be out of the question for a while. Updates will be added from time to time. (Update - Gloria's Mum passed away in 2008, 10 years to the day of her Dad's passing)

Gloria is also known as 'Dragonfly' a name given to her by Cherokee Herbalist (David Wingstone) and an Ojibwa visionary (Sun Bear) and also 'Iron Woman' a name given to her by her Pre-Celtic ancestors.

Gloria states, "My lifestyle adheres to the Spiritual path, what Spirit wants, I try my best to fulfill."


Chuck and Gloria were married over the Pipe in 1998 in England, and again legally on May 1st 2010 in the Little Feather Center.

Sadly Chuck passed away from Pancreatic cancer on August 7th 2010. Gloria stayed for the traditional year in Pipestone and is now living back in England.

The Center is now being run by Chuck's sister Alice.


Gloria story telling during one of her talks at a high school in Minnesota, USA

Gloria and Chuck presenting the B & B program in 1996

Chuck and Gloria presenting a B&B program,
October 2006 at a school in the Isle of Wight, UK

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