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Plateau Bead Work
Looking at traditional Plateau beading is like looking at a painted picture, see below with the eagle and the circular piece. It is amazing how exactly the women place their beads to get such a flowing picture. Thousands of seed beads are used to make these designs. Often on places such as Ebay wonderful pieces come up for auction, keep an eye out for them because some are truly unique and beautiful

This is a typical floral pattern of the Plateau tribes, they are different to the woodlands florals, more Victorian in design. This piece has droppers of glass beads similar to the east coast Whimsies.
A wonderful eagle piece. Often just the subject can be obtained such as this eagle. You can find roses, and other flowers for sale or just for show as a separate piece in some places
This is a bag that has the plateau flowered design
Again a flowered design on a vest
Gloves with the Victoriana style flowers
Thousands of beads make up this picture of a woman dressed in traditional clothes
Another vest but with the traditional animals and flowers on it
This piece is wonderful, amazingly beautiful in its design and workmanship

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