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2020 (Virtual Ride)

Coming into Mankato 2012

Due to Covid 19 the Ride is not happening this year, so I am making up a virtual Ride from previous year's Ride's photos and comments.

Hopefully the Ride will be back on in 2021

Day 17
26th December - Final Day

Prayer of the Day

Mo Nichols - 2019
Blessings on this powerful day. Prayers and smoke up tobacco down.

Creator may the experiences of this ride make all of our new days more connected...Connected to our sacred Mother Earth, our ancestors, our history, each other, and you.

Today we honour everyone in the physical and spirit world that is home. We give thanks and gratitude for the sacrifies, the determination, the guidance, and the visions. We honour the relationships past and the new ones made. Today we will stand together, or support from afar, with deep respect for our ancestors. We honour their lives.

Awareness has been brought across the nation's of history that should never be forgotten. We have arrived at a place to honour, reconcile, and heal. May the experiences of each one of us witnessing give us that openness of heart to do what is right by our teachings.

May the circle created today be strong and never broken. May tears shed be cleansing, may heavy hearts be lightened, may spirits that were lost know a sense of togetherness.

We honour and respect the Dakota 38+2, the circle, the horse nation, all of the riders, supporters, host, and volunteers.

Welcome home, be proud with humbled hearts: today marks a day of new beginnings of honour.

Blessings, love, and gratitude
With deep honour and respect for all of you
Mitakuye Oyasin A'ho

Our prayers will continue for the Dakota 38 + 3, for their descendents, and You. - Gloria 2020

Words of the Day

I have often wondered why horseback riders were shown in the dream to ride from the Missouri River to Mankato. Later I realized that the ancestors knew about the healing power of the horse and the sacred relationship between a human being and the sunkawakan. In 2006 we traveled to Canupawakpa Reserve in Canada to be part of a horse ceremony there. Many stories were told of this relationship and the telepathic communication between horse and rider that led to the survival of the people. Offerings from the Dakota reserves were placed on a horse as an offering for prayers and healing for their nations and the horse was brought on the ride. It was a very moving and powerful experience, unforgettable. Later, I learned also that the government slaughtered tunkasila Sitting Bull's horses upon his return to the US and that this atrocity was witnessed by his people. The Dakota ancestors must want this relationship to be renewed and healed so that the people will rise again. Thank you to all the riders who ride for our healing: Big Foot Riders, Crazy Horse Riders, Teca Omaka Riders, Unity Riders and the Dakota 38+2 Wokiksuye Riders. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller December 10th 2013

Reconciliation Park. Mankato. The End of the Ride. The Hanging Site.

Photos from 2017


A quiet Park this year, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. A few people may make their way there to remember the 38, but our horses and Riders will not be there. We can all be there in Spirit though. Mitakuye Oyasin


Roberta Aitchison Olson - 2017
This is a beautiful park. 28 yrs ago there was just a sign along the road. I'm so glad some people created a soothing space for honoring the lives taken here and this awful history. Thank you for your work to communicate this important tradition of honoring the 38+2 and their families.

Gloria Hazell-Derby - 2020

Mitukuye Oyasin

The names of the Condemned men imprisoned before the hangings.
This is a long list and you can see what happened to each man.

The names of the men hung on this day 1862 are on the Education page

Photos through the years

Spirit Horse - 2013

The end of the Ride - Aho!


Gloria Hazell-Derby (Admin and web site designer/producer.) 2020
A Personal Message
I have to thank you all for staying with us on this Virtual Ride. We didn't know if it would work, but did it anyway. Not many of us stayed the course, as opposed to a normal year's Ride. (200 per day as opposed to the normal 2,000+ per day)

I hope this year brought back Memories of previous years, or if you are new to the Ride allowed you to see what and who came before. This history must not be forgotten.

These web pages that I have made up through the years will be around until the Internet goes, so they will keep the history of 1862 alive. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to make them and to work with such wonderful people for 13 years. This is my final year, although I will be available to answer questions and support the team if needed. It has been my honor to be trusted and accepted by those who Count.

I have to thank my Admins who have persevered with me in keeping the Facebook Group running through the years, Lou, Cari, Tom, Rosetta, Marge, Mo, John, Jenny, & Michele. (Previous Admins: Bruce, Maryhelen, Kali, Debbie and Bonnie.)

Thanks to Alberta and Jim for having my back through the years, and for being there to run things by.
Thanks to Ron Hamm who collated many hundreds of photos through the years to make up posters for all to see.
Thanks to all the photographers who took those photos and allowed us to use them on the group and web pages, including Julie Carrow, Nina Fox, Donna Budahl Paterson, Linda Flanagan, Helena Brown and Dyna Sluyter, we appreciate your sharing your amazing work with us all.
Thanks to Josette Peltier and Keith Nichols who every year have supported, guided and helped, both on and off the Ride, you are both like rocks, strong and reliable. The Ride would not survive without the two of you.
Thanks to all of the thousands of supporters who became members of the Facebook groups that evolved through the years, from the first 25 to the 7,000 plus who are members today.
Thanks to all of those wonderfully generous people in Communities along the route who have cared enough to feed and house the Riders and the Crews, and shelter and feed the horses, especially those in 2008 who literally saved the lives of the whole team by taking them in during a blizzard and ensuring they were cared for.
I have to thank my family who every December put up with me being on the Computer, either making the web pages up, or just making sure questions were answered and people were happy with those answers. Christmas has never been the same since 2008. But I knew that I was doing it for the Spirit's of the Dakota 38 +, my late husband Chuck Derby, and the Dakota People.

Please stay safe in this time of the Pandemic, hopefully we will all be back to a sort of normal in a few months time, we have lived through History my friends, please survive, and be happy. Much love to you all. - Gloria

Looking to the future.....

(Prayers sent from me in England for the Riders, the Horses, the Crews, the Communities who feed and house the riders, crew and horses, the Supporters worldwide and YOU... Mitakuye Oyasin - 2017 but relevent today in 2020.)

Smudge & Trusty Steed 17


A praying horse in Crow Creek, in the early years. This was during the prayers at the start of the Ride

Please stay safe.
Mitakuye Oyasin

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