A Dream Comes True

Jerry Lytle, to the camera during the blizzard - 'I went out there with just a regular pair of gloves, and in just 15 minutes I started to get frost bite.'



Taken from the Dakota 38 movie of the 2008 Ride. Courtesy Smooth Feather Productions

Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2014 - Day 10
Russell to Marshall

Talking of snow, this was the Riders today going into Marshall

Sharlene with Di in Flandreau

12/19/2014: Good afternoon our dear FB family, Jim asked me to relay this information. This afternoon he went to Bear Butte and took offerings to pray for strength for the riders and to pray for a strong ride. While he was praying there were four bald eagles that flew very low and he sensed that his prayers were heard. He said he had a good cry and was filled with gratitude for the riders and the support family who continue to ride with prayers despite the hardships. The eagles flew east. It was a good sign for him and he asked me to share this with you all.
We will be with you all tomorrow in Morton. - Alberta

A young friend from Fort Belknap shared a dream with me earlier this week about the ride and said its okay to share. I know I won't do it justice but I'm choosing to share it only because it's validation of the sacredness of this ride.

She shared that she was riding with the riders and that they were moving very fast. She looked behind and saw a group of old chiefs riding behind the riders. She said they all had sun light in their eyes. Chief Sitting Bull was riding too, she asked him why they were going so fast and he told her that they were trying to outrun the bad weather coming . She mentioned the strong energy and that she was affected in a big way. I told her that earlier in the week there was a storm that moved in suddenly. She was blown away. So, there it is! We were told before that Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse ride with you all. - Alberta

Today we joined our 6,000th group member

Lornagene Drum
Ronan, MT,
Good Morning Family & Frenz. Prayerz of Blessings on ur ride today. Strength & Courage for all of you & da Sunka Wakans.

Delilah Blue Shield
Hihannni Was'te!!...

Mary Lee
My Heart is joyous. Creator Bless all the riders and there horse's to.These Brave Warriors are riding for the Healing of all peoples. Creator send our Ancestors to ride with these Brave Warriors and let there path be safe.Keep them warm and let them ride like the wind.Thank You Creator.Thank and Bless all the riders.Hey yah way way ya hey.Aho

Eileen Nielsen
woke up thinking about all the Riders this morning! Humble Prayers continuing in Qu wut'sun Territory, Vancouver Island Canada

Sky Byington
Wish i could be there with u guys im trying to get a ride to meet up with u guy this weekend i hope i can

Curtis Mckay
Wishing you all the strength & fortitude.. Bdihec'iya Po Mitakuye kin

Pat LaMere
"Spirit Horse" representing our ancestors on day 8
Thank you for letting me and my son Andre Santiago Antonio Nunez, be a part of Dakota 38 + 2 ride, I'm thankful my son has this opportunity to be around his own people and get to know his Dakota relatives and what the Dakota 38+ 2 memorial ride represents, a spiritual ride to honor of our ancestors, in prayer for healing and reconciliation ... my heart goes out to all rides,supporters and horses for strength to endure the long hours of being in the cold weather, be safe and stay well, love you my relatives

Rebeccamarie Ahrens
so awesome all riders and horses and anyone else that has supported and helped i wish there was something i could do but i cant i have no car or anything but keep up on the internet and im honored even though im not native to see this good thing happening

Jessica Marie
Sitting in the tipi this beautiful friday morning. I sent prayers for all you riders & everyone on this powerful healing ride. Pidamaya. Anpete Waste.

Kandi World Turner
I spent the night in Morton, MN last night. (I woke up so lonesome for my Dakota 38+2 Family this morning!) I went to rejoin the Ride today...Chuck calls to tell me they are leaving Marshall, headed to Vesta, and I am on Highway 19 from Redwood Falls to Vesta then all the way to Marshall...he neglected to tell me they were on a gravel road and not taking the main highway...smh...finally caught up with them on the back roads, just as the last leg was getting ready to ride. I'm back in Morton for the night. There are some others from the Ride staying here tonight...but I'll see everyone tomorrow!

Marion ToepkemcLean
I too have loved seeing a glimpse into the memorial ride.

Ixamya Elo
I have been praying with pipe from day one, morning and evening. It is awesome! Our ancestors are happy!!

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