A Dream Comes True

Billy Ray Dumarce to the camera - 'It felt good letting them know our side of the story and not from a book that some dude wrote but from the people who are experiencing it. Pretty good..'



Taken from the Dakota 38 movie of the 2008 Ride. Courtesy Smooth Feather Productions

Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2014 - Day 16
Courtland to Mankato, Land of Memories Park

The Riders reach the Land of Memories Park in Mankato today, and tomorrow they will ride to Reconciliation Park in Mankato, the site where the 38 were hung. I will be ading photos on here from this year and last' years arrival at the LOM Park

Riding with the Ride
Andre Santiago Antonio Nunez


Land of Memories arrival
from Lynny Prince


Have a great Christmas where ever you are!
The Admin Team of the group.

Alberta Jim Miller

Every year I share the story that was told to my cousin many years ago about the increased spiritual activity around Land of Memories Park. The groundskeeper told Stella that it seems like the ancestors know that the riders are coming because they make themselves known about a week ahead of time by talking, laughing, and sounding very happy. I bet they are just joyous today with the arrival of the horses and their riders.

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