A Dream Comes True

Here are some of the Riders from the 2014 Memorial Ride

In no particular order

December 2014

Canteskuya Farmer
Cho Snaz Brother!!!

Crystal White
Goodmornin my kid a. How's the ride going?

Greta Bell

May the angels be with you!

Carolynn Most
Dakota pride

Patt Iron Cloud

Elaine McCloud

Our future!

Carolynn Most
visibility next to zero, but the riders know the way

Deborah Moe
Can you even begin to imagine the incredible bonding that went on between these riders for 330 miles? What I wouldn't give to ride with them!!

Eung Monie
some Mn natives including myself (Mineshota Wahpetonwan Damakotah) are riding on the 20th from Acton, Mn , where the conflict began, to meet the 38 and join the ride at lower Sioux Wahpekute And support and welcome them home to the Mineshotah Macoche

Carolynn Most
so much better to ride in the fields. look, the grasses are up to the horses knees. That's up close & personal with Mother Earth

Mary Treadwell
I love the photography great shots ! I love the spirit horse (smile emoticon) thank you for sharing

Micha Koenig
love it

Kandi World Turner
Love this picture of Wilfred and his grandson Allan!

Rosemary Halsey
Me too.

Jamie Leigh
Awesome pic guys

Jamie Leigh
Proud of these two (smile emoticon)

Sandee Geshick
Wilfred, thats a nice pic of you both, thanks for all you do for the ride....

Merc Wings
May the Spirits of the (38-2) be with you all today.Honor respect.

Marta McMurrough
Looks like it gets bigger every year...

Darlene Good Iron

Henning En Austria

Yvette Leecy
Amen! Grace and Healing for the people

Some of The Horses

Austin 2
War Dancer
Eagle Bear
Crazy Danny
Kunchie killer