A Dream Comes True

Mark Gran from Wessington Springs, to Peter: 'Pay it Forward. I wish more of this country was like that, it needs to go back to that. We've got too many people who are worried about the dollar instead of helping the human being.'



Taken from the Dakota 38 movie of the 2008 Ride. Courtesy Smooth Feather Productions

The background stills are of the Blizzard, taking the horses into a Quanset building and some of the men checking out the building. What a diffference to this year!

Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2014 - Day 2
Crow Creek/Fort Thompson to Wessington Springs

I have to show a couple of things that came in last night, that you have to see, the first is a photo of the sky yesterday

As the Ride started this horse was seen in the sky over Lake Andes, and caught on camera by Lauren Crowe. It was shared with us by Kandi World Turner. As above so below, and the Spirits rode with them.

About the same time Keith Nichols took this photo at the Lower Brule

An Eagle watched over it all, I was told that it stayed there for quite a while, just watching. Again the Riders were being protected by Tunkashila

and now for the photos of the Riders and the Ride

Jim Miller with Linus Grey Eagle and Jon Eagle Sr during the Circling up on day one. Linus painted the horses. After this Jim left because he had been injured and cannot ride at the moment. Lots of prayers went with him and Alberta, and we hope to see him back before the end of the Ride. In his stead Richard Milda will be the leader of the Ride.
Prayers yesterday at the place where the Dakota were landed from the boat on the Missouri River in 1863. When you are there you can feel the desolation of the area, the wind blows all the time, summer and winter, can you imagine how those Dakota felt? I love the scenery of the Lower Brule and Crow Creek but I am sure that the Dakota who were landed there didn't feel the same way. They would have been scared, cold, hungry, and they would have needed help. There was not much help for them, and many died.

Circling around the monument .

and look at this horse

while the prayers were going on, he too had his eyes closed!

Look No SNOW! photo by Ruth Meier

Hoka Hey!!

Abby Lulabelle Peawhistle
The Ancestors are smiling as the horses' hooves dance along the trail as the fearless Warriors carry all our Prayers for peace, love, healing and reconciliation. Be mindful of the Ancestors' whispers that come to you during this journey, as they contain the Wisdom we need to guide us in our daily walk. In Prayer and Gratitude, for ALL those involved in this Sacred Cemermony.... Blessings

Lisa Clare
Hihanni waste riders! Sending prayers of love and healing to you. Whatever may come your way today, the Creator is there to help you. Aho!

Peg Delugo
Out here in Horse Creek California sending more prayers and smoke up for a good safe journey for all you riders and your horses, giving thanks for all the help you will recieve along the way.

DeeDee Dixon
Good Morning my courageous, dedicated and Spirited people.Love and prayers to you the greatest riders on earth.

Author Lynny Prince
Prayers for a safe and gentle ride today, relatives! So proud of all of you!

Pat LaMere
Good morning, yesterday the weather was beautiful for the Dakota 38 + 2 ride, I'm so honor to be able to be here, taking in all the energy from all our relatives, listening to prayers, stories and songs, feeling all the grandmothers spirit watching over the riders and supporters, loving my time here, but will have to head back home today, will be back again on the 16th when Dakota 38 will be in Flandreau SD, also there will be a pow wow.

Author Lynny Prince
Good morning, relatives! Prayers and smoke going up for this first day of the ride! Just spoke to my half-side Matthew (Kentucky) and Joy Maddox Dacus and Sharlene Whiteley McGilvray who are geared up for this first day. Prayers for the riders, supporters and the Sunka Wakan who are all carrying this sacred prayer across the northern states. Much love and appreciation for your sacrifice! I can't wait to join you next week! HOKAHEY! Ride the Dream, relatives!

Dawn Stout
much love n respect for all the relatives take care and thx so much for being warriors to help heal this terrible tragedy prayers of strength and love thinking of u all

Elaine McCloud
My prayers sent in the wind for the important work they do!

Marque Jensen
Minneapolis, MN,
heading to work and thinking of all the riders and support people - wish I was in Fort Thompson with you - praying for you and I know you will bring healing and peace as you go! - Hope to see you all soon!

Jeanne Zimmerman Have a safe and blessed day.

Gail W. Assoon
Hiy hiy to the carriers of the memorial ride! May this journey bring HEALING to our people, our history, our's!

Peg Delugo
Good journey today riders bless you !

Sky Little Flower Aho!!! Let freedom ride!!

Betsy Mazacankukaga Prayers & safe journey from Lower Brule to Mankat'o!

Cheryl Belgarde Prayers for all the riders especially the horses for warmth and a safe journey.

Elif Ahmad
Wishing every rider a safe journey to Mankato and gratitude to all who are helping and feeding the group along the way. Every step is a step of healing and a step towards unity between races. Will do my thing from here for all of you and the horses. Respectfully and with Love - ELIF

Jeff Galuza
May your Ancestors smile on you throughout this ride. May you see and feel their freedom and joy for your healing. May we all be in the moment of love and trust. It's all we have.

Rick Schumacher
Prayers for strength, warmth, and safety for all on your journey.

Candace Zapata
May the creator keep you all safe & warm as you ride today!