A Dream Comes True

Sarah Weston to the students of the Dakota State Uni: 'If you want to be a part of the Ride, come join us. This is our family' and we want you to be a part of it.'

Taken from the Dakota 38 movie of the 2008 Ride. Courtesy Smooth Feather Productions

The background photo is of the production crew having a meeting during the 2008 Ride. L to R: Pancho, Silas, Sarah and Adam. These are the guys who made the Dakota 38 movie that everyone loves, they are Smooth Feather Productions

Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2014 - Day 3
Wessington Springs to Forestbury

Yesterday the Crow Creek School children came out to watch as the riders left. It is wonderful to see the younger generation supporting this Ride. It gives hope for the future, that these young people may one day be riders themselves remembering their ancestors.

I love this amazing horse look how he is watching the photographer. The rider is Brian Rodlund



Elena Wilson
Prayers for all riders and accompanying parties! Toksa Ake'! From the Family of Billyray DuMarce....

This is our friend from South Africa, Sharlene Whiteley McGilvray. She ran over 5 miles on the first day and rode Richard Milda's horse Eagle Bear today.
She also likes her cake and ice cream, this is her third plate of it, Keith said she will have to run more miles tomorrow to get rid of it! Matt (Kentucky) is sitting next to her. He represents the Long Plain First Oyate.

Look closely at these two photos... I guess Spirit shows up in the most amazing way. Yesterday an eagle in a tree, today an eagle in between the two left hand riders in the above photo, and look at the auras around the bottom riders and staffs! Now of course the eagle could be a smudge on the window and the cold could cause the aura but I like to believe it is the Creator's work, don't you?

Kayla Bluhm

Tunkasila, Unci Maka, Tate Topa..
Grandfather, Grandmother Earth, Four Winds...

Hear this prayer for these spirits..
These spirits that run, these spirits that ride, these spirits that sing..
Hear this prayer for our ancestors, our family, for the Sunka Wakan.

This smoke that dances to you Grandfather..
It carries these prayers of celebration and honoring..
Celebration of the lives that were lived, and honoring of the fight that was fought.

Grandfather, we dance, we pray.. all of us.
The sunka wakan.. They are on an honorable mission, and they are not unaware.
We honor the oyate, this life, we pray to remember the original way. Wokiksoye.

Pilamaya, Grandfather, for the health of the oyate. For the resources and the funds that helps this ride to take place. For the warm clothes, the housing, the meals, the mni that quenches the thirst of the tired, for the cancega that carry our prayers and bless us with the heart beat of the Mother.

Wanbli, carry this smoke upon your wings to our Grandfather.. ask him for pity on us.. that we may live and this ride and these prayers may help the people in a good way, Grandfather. We ask for the sun to be warm on the backs of the riders.. that the going may be easy for them, Grandfather. Help the riders, runners, drivers, and sunka wakan to go to completion to arrive in Mankato healthy and in prayer Grandfather. Help us all to not forget the meaning of this ride, and of the Dreams that came to Jim. Help us to be grateful for all that is. Gratitude for this Red Road.. Pilamaya, Wopila !! -
Kayla Buffalo Heart Bluhm


Debbie Snowolf Como
good morning riders. volunteers..families...friends..
.ponies.. praying today finds all well.... I too had a wonderful dream last night... a red horse was left for me when I went to it and touched it.... it turned white.... I walked with it along a river and he swam!! but would stay with me.. .I even rode him..he'd lay down so I could get on....most times when I dream of horses I cant ever get to ride this time I did!!!! I ride in spirit with you all

Marion Adema
Middelburg, Netherlands
I have so much respect for you all overthere ! think you are starting up for day 3 allready ( I have a 6 hours difference over here in the Netherlands), hope the weather is fine and the horses are fine also as well as you all, heard some people can't ride for different circumstances and my thoughts are with them also...., saw a film of Rebelmann of the feeding and watering of the horses and your departure on day 1 and I follow You all all the way, saw the first documentary of the ride some time ago, and every time i watch it (watched it many times now....) it's brings me to tears.... for several reasons, because of the history behind the ride and the massacre of so many men that took place in that days, and also because of the forgiveness for the unforgivable, the honoring of the ancestors, the bond between people and the bond between man, woman, horse and spirit, I must place Spirit in the front actually, the message of peace and brotherhood, the sacredness and experience of the ride and the message to young people that there is a perspective and future for them to live for also on days that it may seem that there is only darkness, we have all a flame of love in our being that we can share to make a great fire around this world, and when there is darkness.... it takes just one flame to make a light and then it can light a lot of flames, this ride is also a message of hope for all Dakota, Oglala Lakota Sioux People to ride and rise again and take the place in this world that is rightfully theirs with the respect and recognition they are entitled to, I wish you a safe ride, a sacred ride, a joyful ride and a ride of honor, with love, blessings and prayers For you All I ride in thought,s with You !!!

Kendra Thomas
Dakota 38+2 Day 3 - Fast & Prayer
This morning I fast and pray for all the new young riders. You are the hope of the future and keepers of the Nation. May you ride strong, free and proud today. May you have spiritual experiences. May you see, feel, and hear your ancestors and those you are riding for. May you feel love in your heart and kindness in the wind. This ride is for you. You are the bringers of balance and healers for reconciliation

Pua Case
Lifting up prayers for the riders this morning from the Island of Hawai?i where my students are following the ride. me ke aloha. pua

Hazel McCort
thank you so much for accepting my request to join the group..will be following from the otherside of the world..may humans and horses have a safe journey.

Alice Erickson
Good morning everyone. I love all the photos, my heart goes out to all of you. I feel so over whelmed at times, the photos have spirits in them. thanks for sharing.

Tricia Withorne
· Lower Brule,
Anpetu Was'te!!! Wishing all the riders & horses the BEST on this day! Prayers for a safe journey & blessings to all those in need!!! Prayers for good weather & everyone to be safe & the Sunka WAKAN to be well taken care of!!! Wopida Tanka to the riders & prayers for Jim Miller to be better soon!! Pidamaye!!!!?????

Mateo Duran
I thank the Creator for this happening!! I appreciate the add was'te was'te!!
Creator protect the men, woman, and children on this ride! Protect the horses! I pray for our people to heal! Tunkasila wakatanka onsimala!!

Gloria Hazell Derby

A post the other day on here got me to thinking, and I decided to start a prayer circle for each day of the Ride for us all to participate in. Due to the fact that we are living all over the globe it is more difficult to give a time that all of us can do, but because most are in America and Canada I will make it easier on you. I am asking that at 5 pm Central time, 11 pm GMT, we all stop what we are doing and say a short prayer for the Riders, the horses, the supporters, Jim Miller, and all of those who are in pain, need or despair. For healing and reconciliation. You can of course add your own prayers. You don't have to do it for long, you will know when you have finished. Do your prayers in your own way, smudge if you want to or don't as the case may be. Feel comfortable as you do it that's all I ask. So from tonight, or tomorrow at whatever your time zone is please join in if you can at 5pm the Ride's time. This will go on until the end of the Ride. Thanks