A Dream Comes True

Gus High Eagle, at a meeting in Flandreau, to the group- 'I got caught speeding, and he (Jim) left me behind.' The two laugh together...

Taken from the Dakota 38 movie of the 2008 Ride. Courtesy Smooth Feather Productions

Background photos of Gus

Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2014 - Day 5
Howard to Madison

There are sadnesses with this year's Ride. We lost one of our family members this year, just a few months ago. Gus High Eagle left us very suddenly and shocked everyone both here and in the Unity Ride. Gus was one of our Staff carriers, and Jim's brother and great friend of him and Alberta. He was also the leader of the Unity Ride and we went into mourning along with them. The Ride was a day away from starting when Jim Miller our staff carrier and leader had an accident and so Jim isn't riding at the moment, he is recuperating at home, but hopes to join in before the end of the Ride. So this year we have lost both of our main staff carriers. The staff was handed over to Richard Milda, who graciously took over the role of leader until Jim returns.

So today to honor these Staff carriers I will be showing photos of the staffs being carried by various riders along the way. The two that are being carried at the moment are of course the Dakota 38 + 2, with 38 feathers at first and then the extra two feathers were added when JIm passed the staff over to Peter Lengkeek in 2008. The other staff is the Buffalo staff, it has the four sacred colors on it. More family staffs may come in as the Ride goes on.

So next no words, just lovely photos from the Ride. Enjoy!


A video from Sharlene of some of the riders Here

To end, Happy Birthday to Jake Iron Cloud on his birthday yesterday

Jeff Galuza
About the year 2000, Jim Miller came to my home state of Maine to help us here with Ceremony. I had met Jim at a Ceremony in Canada the summer before.
At the time I sang in a church choir and so invited Jim to speak to our congregation on the Sunday he was here. He humbly obliged me. All went well and Jim rocked the house. Seriously though, he made some good friends and relationships were born.
Later after he left I was looking for an honoring song and searched our hymnal. The 2nd hymn was "Many and Great o God are your Works". Humm, curious. A Dakota tribute hymn. I began to research the origins of the hymn. I researched about the Dakota 38 +2. I was stunned. I found pieces of transcripts of the trials of the prisoners. I was overwhelmed by the travesty and injustice and criminal acts of the U.S. Government against the Dakota Nation.
I had seen Jim and visited with him and his family a few times. He had come to Maine a couple times. I never mentioned my experience with the Hymn. Too embarrassing for me to bring up such a powerful time without really knowing any more about the events of that time.
A couple years later, Jim called me to tell me of his dream/vision and I suddenly remembered the Hymn I'd read about. I told him what I'd researched. He said, "ohh, that's gooood."
Today many years later that same church is closing its doors in the building they've been using. They're moving to a new location. They can't afford the huge space they're in. They asked me to help them smudge the space as they do their final service. There is a beautiful star quilt there. I will remind the people of its origins from Porcupine, So. Dakota.
I will ask the people today to sing this hymn for the riders today.
I have not been active in this community for a few years so it is an honor to be asked to help at this closing reopening event. Today, in Bath, Maine Dakota people will be remembered. Riders will be remembered. Sage will burn, a drum will sound and we'll sing.
Love honor and respect to you all.

Patt Iron Cloud
Tunkanshila Wankan we beg you to watch over our Akicitas Ohitika today on the fourth/fifth day of this Sacred Dakota 38 and 2 Healing Ride and all the Riders !!!May Wankan Tankan bless brother Jim Miller a Vietnam Nam Veteran, and his lovely wife Alberta Iron Cloud Miller, our Beloved Founders. Love -Patt

Emma Pedro
We are all one We also need to send prayers for the lost sisters & brothers. Words cannot penetrate the circle of love Nor indeed break it just as the flow of the river or rays of the sun can be. Our collective love 'rattles' the darkness...good, let it know we are here, we are united, we r family, we r love! As our actions & intention unfold a tidal wave of light blankets our home....as the great ancestors knew & lived. Prayers for a return to that x

I need to add that I've felt such connectedness to unknown sisters & brothers (espec the beautiful photos of the new borns,the proud loving families) that I'm grateful that the group was so open & accessible. So praying that, in this case, one rotten apple doesn't upset the barrel. Just chuck it out so that it might become useful by fertilising the soil...as the soil, she knows how to neutralise it

Adell White-dog
Prayers good morning from eagle butte

Dawn Ferris
Prayer go out to 38 plus 2 and all the riders and families and frends

Kendra Thomas
Thank you for this. I am so grateful for the technology that brings us together in a heart beat from anywhere in the world, and grateful for you sharing

Betty Sheldon
Reminds me of the only morning last year I was out with the riders as they circled up and rode from Fort Ridgely. Windchill was minus 37 degrees, snow was knee deep in places. Wopida tanka as you all take the healing energy with you into Minnesota.

Barb Jens
Sending love, prayers and (((hugs))) to everyone! In my thoughts always. Please, if you see my Uncle Ray Shepherd, give him a big hug from me.

Debbie Snowolf Como
good morning all...creator has blessed this ride..from the wonderful pictures of the eagles following..the pictures with spirit..the weather..the ancestors surely smile as you all honor them on this ride.....so proud to be part of this family....

Jessica Marie
Pidamaya. I am very honored to be apart of this. My prayers are sent everday to watch over all of you. Hau

Tonia Goertz
Good morning all! Prayers today for the riders and the horses as they get closer to leaving South Dakota and entering Minnesota later this week. I have been sitting here thinking about the significance of that transition- you are coming home. I hope that the journey brings all of you the healing and peace that you need, and that you are able to take that back to the communities you are from and do good work there. Peace and blessings and prayers for a safe journey.

Paula Charlie
Aww, prayers to keep u warm and may u all be safe. I love hearing & seeing videos:powerful,beautiful and touches my heart. from my Idaho family.

Kayla Bluhm
As the dust settles on the surface of Unci Maka, the Sunka Wakan bed down for the night and the men and women rest until tomorrow.
The smoke continues to drift upwards from the abalone shells that represent protection, and the fluidity and beauty of the great Mother Ocean..
We hear the songs still permeating the night air.. thick with the sound or our ancestors singing those same songs and beating the same cancega..
In the teachings that I was given.. Tonight is a good night. In Vision Quest ceremonies, the 3rd day represents the opening of our hearts and minds to what truly the Creator is putting in front of us to see and to learn. The 3rd day represents the teaching day... the day that we may actually let go of our "human" and allow the creator into our hearts so that we make walk with the original instructions.

DA White Eagle
Wakan tanka i ask that you give the riders strength, courage n most of guidance for the most important ride of the year Dakota 38 +2 memorial ride. Also strength n good health to all the horses to ,make all the way. Also encouragement, understanding n love for one another n all who are helping in anyway Wopida tanka for these things.

Nolan Buffalo-Royal
To the riders and volunteers who are keeping sunka wanka watered and feed also resting them on this memorial ride

Ron KillsPlenty
Thank you My Relatives for adding me. Prayers for everyone involved and much pride and gratitude for honoring those who have gone before.

Debbie Snowolf Como
were all a big family of strangers!!!!

Holger Ehrich
Hehanni waste, riders and a loud GOOD MORNING from Germany to the 38 family. Hope everybody is well and RIDE ON.