Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013 - Day 4

Today is December 13th 2013, and the fourth day of the Ride when the Riders will go 38 miles from Woonsocket, to Howard, South Dakota. If you look on the Community page below you can see information on the towns the Riders go to. (South Dakota only right now but Minnesota coming soon!)

I will continue adding the comments from the Face Book group members each day and any stories that come in from the Ride. At the bottom of the page you will see I will be adding extra pages, so please if you see a live link click on it to see what is on there.. Videos and positive items of interest are added to the left side column of the page.

Happy Birthday to one of the Riders. 'Riding for the people...pila mia Jake! Richard Milda' .- Jake Iron Cloud!

Jake and Talon Voice riding hard..

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QK0N-DYo07o Chief John C. Crow Dog jammin it out - Candace Woods

Today is mitoskala Jake Iron Cloud 's birthday, shake his hand, give him a big hug. He makes us proud for being a part of the ride . Love you Jake! - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Happy Birthday Jake~!!! - Pamela Kay Leverenz

Wish Jake a Happy Birthday, from Pipestone Dakota community. - Alice Erickson

Happy Birthday Jake, from Weatherford,Texas... - MaryLou VandeRiet

Happy birthday Jake from Omaha Ne. - Terry Lamere

Happy Birthday from Aberdeen....see you all at Morton! - Betty Sheldon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jake, what a wonderful way to celebrate YOU, on the back of a horse. I can feel the from here. Blessngs....- Abby Peawhisle.

Happy Solar Return Jake! - Kayla Bluhm

Happy Birthday Jake - Josef Marion

happy birthday to you Jake! - Joan van der Heijde

Happy birthday Jake.....- Lola Blaine

Happy birthday! - Cinnamon Moon

Happy Birthday, Jake - Evelyn Vollmer

Happy Birthday Jake!!! - Pat LaMere

happy birthday, Jake! Blessings for what you're doing!!!! - Lou Fuentes

Many Happy Returns Jake! - Gloria Hazell-Derby

Prayers for protection, peace, comfort,safety, & healing for you all & our four legged brothers/ sisters .. Ride on- and may the Creator bless your journey & let His presence be your companion,your strength,your guidance.. - Dawn Smith

Spirit Braid in one of the Sanka Wakan's.

The Dakota 38 video from 2008
Map of the Ride - day by day
Blog from 2012 Ride
Dakota 38 website

Tears of joy and respect, and sadness come as photos and updates are uploaded. Wopila! Pilamaye for this ride, celebrate the coming of the oyate. Many songs and prayers sent to all the riders, coordinators, volunteers, and offerings of heat, food and space, and of course all others involved in keeping us updated. My altar is alive with Spirit and my heart rides with you. These songs are sent to you, family. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
- Kayla Bluhm

It is so fitting that this ride is occurring right now on the heels of Nelson Mandela's death. Both the ride and Mandela enter into the sacred ground of forgiveness and reconciliation. Let us give prayers for both. The world needs these healing energies. - Julia Kahrl

Hi my prayers are with u my great grandpa is Henry Whitedog and my dad is Henry Whitedog from Eagle Butte
- Adell White-dog

I am with you in spirit for my gram Marie Edith Crow, her father Charlie Crow, grandmother's mothers Eliza Stone Walker and Julia John. It is hard to forgive everyone for everything. - Valerie Guimaraes

I will be riding with you in spirit! - Rachel Quale

Prayers for all the riders, horses, and all who are involved in this sacred ride. Was there to witness last year, wishing to go again, maybe next year. The feeling to be amongst this ride is awesome. Wopida Wakan Tanka!! - Barbara Eastman

The wind is blowing strong & cold this night and I think about the Riders and SunkaWakan of the 38 + 2, I ask Creator with a humble heart that you all have a warm, restful & safe night. Each of you remain in my prayers as you ride the trail of our ancestors. Nina Wopida Tanka to each of you for helping in the healing of the people. Pidamayaye, pidamayaye...Hanyetu Was'te
- Kiyukanpi Tiwahe


For the Memorial riders
I call my fastest horse from the darkness
Horse wild as wolf teeth
Horse patient as stone
Horse who whispers to wind
From the West he comes
Pejuta Sunuka
Medicine Dog
Yah Yahhhhhhhhhhhh

- Nancy Kohn Raven

Another Sunrise in South Dakota



Someone give my two son's Tukan Ina'hda Mani...and Monge Cha' hugs for me this morning..I miss my little protectors..Remember they ride for their Ate' David Farmer who passed away in June and was also a rider. Love you my boys - .Mahpiya Luta Win Eastman


At one of the stops along the way

Riding Double


Thank you so much for sharing this ride. I have shared about this website with some church friends here in Maine. They had not known the history of the Dakota 38 +2. They are praying for forgiveness and reconciliation and will be spiritually riding with you. - Julia Kahrl

Moving on... Soon after this photo was taken two Eagles were seen circling over the Riders!! Aho Mitakuye Oyasin...



Hihanni waste! I am subbing for a Ute Language Teacher today and since I am not Ute and don't know the language, I'll be showing the Dakota 38 film. Prayers for the riders, the ridden, and the helpers. Pidamiya. - Iktomi Was'te Win Favel

We want to thank Libby and Mike Flowers from Spirit Lake Ministry Center for stopping by and donating to our ride today. Wopida! from Keith Nichols


Wopida for your sacrifices....smoke and prayers for all riders...their families and sunka wakan...Toksa
Roy WhiteHorse

Many thanks to Toby, Lynnette and Megan Kleppin for all the support and hard work in Woonsocket



Prayers, strength. & much respect for all of the riders and each person involved in and for this ride!!! Much respect for the honor and strength they have as a people to ride with pride !!! peace !!!! - Angie C. George

Sight from Josette Peltiers car!!




Just done our leg with wambdi right above us at the hand off...took our prayers...A'ho - Richard Milda

While one horse rests another stands guard...

Lee Anne Red Owl Getting ready for the Ride

Riding Double!!





Aloha to all riders, supporter, helpers and family members.
We come from a culture where our long voyages are still done across the deep oceans by double hull canoes, we come from a culture who know horses and ranching and we come from a school of many cultural traditions and we know how important it is to honor the ancestors, we call them kupuna.
Our 8th grade which number close to a 100 will be following your journey of beginning Friday and we will be showing the film on Monday and throughout the ride we will be recording your progress. good journey to you. me ke aloha -
Pua Case

Josette with one of the youngest Riders who is 12 years old ... or is that a Penguin?!

The Riders boots

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38 Dakota Wokiksuye Jackets
Many riders and supporters who wear these received them as gifts from Josette and Jim Miller in the past years. Now you can have one as well..

The Design is by JB Weston (Dakota) of Flandreau. JB saw the design in a dream

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I ordered a jacket today for Bruce and was told it would take two weeks. - Sheryl Dowlin

Spirits have been communicating even down to this design. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

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