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April 2014: The group now has over 4,000 members.

13th April, 2014: I am adding a history of the Ride written by Alberta Iron Cloud Miller (Jim's wife)..

A little history for the newcomers: The Dakota 38+2 Wokiksuye Ride came together in 2005 after Jim had a dream to ride east to a place where a large group of men were hung. He was given specific instruction on what offerings to take and to place the offerings on a horse with no rider. We later heard from two Dakota men that the spirits had already told of riders coming from the west back to Dakota country.

With the support of some very strong and clear minded wicasa who felt the spiritual power, the dream came into reality. Alex White Plume, Birgil Kills Straight and a crew of Big Foot Riders came to Lower Sioux Agency to help start the ride. The Dakota reserves were represented by Gus High Eagle and Carl Mazawasicuna. Our keeper of the Sacred Pipe, Arvol Looking Horse, was our spiritual leader to lead the riders in sacred prayer. Sheldon Wolfchild and the families from Lower Sioux created the path from Morton to Mankato based on their historical knowledge. The only intention of the dream was to ride and pray. No more no less.

We did not spread word of the ride via Facebook or internet, only through "moccasin telegraph". Riders came from the Dakota reserves in Canada, from South Dakota, North Dakota and right from Minnesota. In later years the participation expanded to include riders from all the reservations where the exiled Dakota settled. The majority of the riders are descendants of the 38 Dakota men who were hung on December 26, 1862.

The ride started in Lower Sioux because that was the site of the 1862 War. The Riders and supporters from Lower Sioux provided the riders with comfort, food, and a place to lay down after a long day's ride. Every man, woman and child took loving care of their horses before they took care of themselves because of their understanding of the strong relationship between a man and his relative sunka wakan.

Each year from 2005 to 2007 the ride started in Lower Sioux. Beginning in 2008 the ride started at the Missouri River as described in the dream and has continued from that point following the path of the dream. There are powerful stories of a supernatural nature that have been told by the riders.

The 2008 ride was documented by Silas Hagerty and a crew of young Dakota who helped bring the story together. Silas and Jim met at an inipi out east and their relationship provided the foundation for the film which captures the history as well as the spiritual essence of the ride. The power comes from the prayer, it comes from people treating each other as good relatives and finally, acknowledging that the riders ride for their ancestors and their nations. For that reason the film is free.

Jim carried the staff for 4 years and passed it on to toska Peter Lengkeek in 2008 who in turn passed it on to Perry Little after he carried it for 4 years. Jim has continued to serve as an advisor and works to spread the word of healing through the Dakota 38 film and travels only on invitation. To reiterate, the only intent of the ride is to pray. Any effort to market the ride is not acceptable. In the words of our spiritual leader Arvol Looking Horse, our people follow the way of the pte oyate (buffalo nation) where we take care of one another and unsilaka (compassion) our people.

The dream has brought healing to many people in the Dakota Nation as well as non-Indian folks. There's been a healing of relationships with the communities along the Dakota trail or Hwy. 34. Where there was fear of one another there is hope. All of this has happened because of healing and from the prayers of the riders and their supporters. The prayers of the riders have manifested this healing.

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