Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013 - Day 11

Today is December 20th 2013, and the eleventh day of the Ride when the Riders are going from Vesta 23 miles To Morton, Minnesota. They will be staying in Morton until Monday, resting up. Also having a powwow on Saturday . If you look on the Community page below you can see information on the towns the Riders go to.

If you are wondering why there are not many actual horse photos on these main pages it is because they will have their own page at the end of the Ride. I am collecting the photos as they go along, trying to find out details on each one so that they can be honored as the Treasures they are. If any of you have stories of the horses on the Ride, please let me know so they can be added to the page.

I will continue adding the comments from the Face Book group members each day and any stories that come in from the Ride. At the bottom of the page you will see I will be adding extra pages, so please if you see a live link click on it to see what is on there.. Videos and positive items of interest are added to the left side column of the page as they come in.

I have been held up tonight because I found out I couldn't put childrens photos on here without their parents permission, (under 18's) All of the kids that have been on here up to now are with their parents on the Ride. I am waiting for permission from them. It has knocked me back a bit I can tell you. Even though I am in England I have to abide by American law as the Ride is American. I hope I don't have to take any of the old photos down.

Right at the bottom of the page are the details for ordering one of the jackets.

FYI: I had a lovely photo of a little child with an apple to put in this space but have found out tonight that by law I need permission from parents to use any child's photos. Sorry about that.

We had a great time last evening at SMSU - Thank you to the Oyate Club for hosting us and to the SMSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion for making arrangements. We had over 70 people there and a few tears were shed. - Peg Furshong

your pictures make me cry....and my soul home sick. in this life im not native but my heart is, and if i were there i'd be riding with you....stay safe all of you horses too....you are loved!!!!! - Debbie Snowolf Como

We are watching our in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in the morning. Two day and we start traveling to meet you all - Beatrice Menase Kwe Jackson

hope you had a great ride today. so proud to see a young man riding with the elders, and I think I saw a woman. Thank you for all that you are doing for our culture of every tribe. - Terri Kaye

Morning prayers and tobacco offered. Here's praying that this ride will impact the young people in positive ways, for the rest of their lives. - Vicki Williams Barry

Spirit Braid in one of the Sanka Wakan's.


The Dakota 38 video from 2008
Map of the Ride - day by day

Map of where you are located

Blog from 2012 Ride
Blog for 2013 Ride
Dakota 38 website
The Face Book group page of the Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013
Trailer for 'Older Than America'
This movie made me cry and I don't cry much, it was so sad and touched my heart very deeply! - Starr Arellano
Joanne Shenandoah sings
Larry Long Water in the Rain
Postcards from Pioneer TV MN

So many songs and hours at my altar today.. so many prayers. Ride safety, oyate! -
Kayla Bluhm

Thank you for adding me to this site. May all involved have a safe and sacred ride. - Curt Lauret

Blessings for doing a Great Job and sharing, Prayers with Sage and Sweet grass for all of us, as you make it possible for all of us to be able share this journey - Mitukuye Oyasin - Janet Nagle

goodmorning to all.....wishing everyone & shunkawakans a blessed beautiful day for journey you take today! love thots & prayers frm ft washakie wyo - Maria Menard

Thank you for accepting me. I watch the movies Dakota38 and was deeply touched as I could feel the healing of this ride. Prayers to the riders and all of those who are helping this ride happen - .
Vickie Blackeagle Williams

Even AFTER the Ride, you ALL, esp the younger ones, WILL REMAIN in our thoughts and PRAYERS. The Prayers just DON'T stop with the Ride. We carry EVERYONE involved in our hearts. You are NOT forgotten......Your Family just got bigger. Hugs and Blessings - Abby Peawhisle

It's a rainy morning here, in South Louisiana, but that didn't stop me from offering tobacco for a safe journey. - Vicki Williams Barry


For the Memorial riders
I call my fastest horse from the darkness
Horse wild as wolf teeth
Horse patient as stone
Horse who whispers to wind
From the West he comes
Pejuta Sunuka
Medicine Dog
Yah Yahhhhhhhhhhhh

- Nancy Kohn Raven


The horse is even holding its head up with pride. Thank all the horses and riders for this wonderful commemoration. Praying for safety for horses and riders and support team. - Linda Daniel OConnell

Staff Carrier Matt Black Eagleman

han , , , another year I am unable to attend this ride , , a difficult decision it was to turn down my uncle's invitation as he departed late this afternoon , , safe travels uncle Gus! Woulda been great to see uncle Jim
May WAKAN TANKA watch over my uncles, all the riders , the drivers, the families & the sunka wakan , , strength, protection & prayers - Grace High-Eagle

As I pray this morning, I lay tobacco on the ground and ask our Creator to watch over the rider's and the runner's. I also give thanks to the many that have provided food and shelter to all of them and to the horses. The Spirit's of the Ancestor's ride with you. This ride brings such honor to the 38 + 2 and their families. Many more are learning the true history of what really happened to our people. I ride with you in spirit. - Joy Maddox Dacus

Offered my prayers on this windy morning in South Louisiana. So proud of all of you...the riders, the helpers, the organizers and those that are touched by you along the way. Safe journeys today - Vicki Williams Barry

Thank you - healing and power to you - John Walton

Oyate club members at SWMU

With every ride, one, has the Vision, the Vision given to me back as Shield Keeper for our peoples by God and authentic Sioux nationhood in 98 only to confirm his loving plans for First Nations and his and our cause of genuine liberation, deliverance and freedom from the politics of this violent empire, creator will show us, what it means for the future of the Ochiti Sakowin Oyate! The Sun is Darken, How many see its Light?
Wanbldi 2013 - Wanbli Okiczay

Watching the Presentation of the Dakota 38 movie in Marshall


my old horse and I pray together each morning~TODAY: I pray for Good food and friends to help the riders on their journey. That was scarce for the ancestors~I know the HEALING is GREAT! Thank you all for riding~Thank you to the horses~my other family is my horses~in my olderage and health problems I hang on to hope. - Pamela Kay Leverenz

Sending you safe travels and Harmony
- Janet Roper

Riding into Morton

Sending Prayers this Morning on Sacred Smoke and Sound..... - Doug Luzar

Good morning all my friends/relatives. Wishing you all a good day and safe ride. - Alice Erickson

My brother-in-law Ray Redwing checks his grandson's horse before he goes on the Ride to Morton

sincerely wishing you all a relaxing night & prayers for todays ride - Tina Scheidle

.greetings from Palermo, Italy - Rosario Messina

~Prayers to all the Riders and the Horses who have been on this journey. Hope my Relatives from Sioux Valley & Canupawakpa arrive safely - Francine Faith

Is this Flicka or Susie?

Last night I decided to brave the wintery roads we have, to trek up to Redwood Falls to see the viewing of the Dakota 38+2 dvd, again. I don't care how many times I have seen it, it still hits me hard. It is sooo powerful with the message of forgiveness, healing and love. Was so good, too, to visit with Peter Lengkeek, greet Jake Iron Cloud with a belated 'Happy Birthday', listen to Sheldon Wolfchild talk of his lastest film 'Doctrine of Discovery' and special treat....watch Jackie Bird do a hoop dance. Frankie's presentation was very informative, a lot of questions answered for the audience. Great stories were shared and more 'friends' will be added to this page. It was worth the trip. Continued Prayers and Blessings to those involved in this Ride. - Abby Peawhisle


Dakota history being used as a tool to educate the next generation!! Historical accuracy is key and often can not be found in the history books in schools ...adding secondary source material to expand the historical context as it relates to Dakota U.S relations and Federal Indian Policy providing these students with additional information leading to a better understand of U.S. history and interpretation of truth!!! Thanks to educators who think outside the box and to the Dakota 38+2 Riders for bringing awareness to those near and far!!! - Oyate Duta Ob'Mani Jackson

I get chills watching just the picture and hearing the feet of the horses driving forward. Love - Terri Kaye

Please put a pin on Pietermaritzburg South Africa - soon there will be more pins from all over South Africa!!! I'm going to show the Dakota 38 movie to communities all over my beautiful country. It's an inspirational, moving, spiritually stunning movie that THE WORLD needs to see. Thank you Jim Miller for turning your vision into a reality for all to share - Sharlene Whiteley McGilvray

Thank you for the posts. It means a great deal to me to be able to see pictures and read of the activities. It helps me be with the riders and the people as the healing work continues. Thank you! - Gordon Eagleheart

we all pray for health...praying for safe passage for the riders and horses, praying for peace,and praying the ancestors are at peace.... - Debbie Snowolf Como

Richard showing how cold it is out there!!

Richard and LeAnne

Over 100 years ago Sitting Bull said, "Let's put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children." That is happening now! The whole world is receiving the D38+2 message of "reconciliation through love" - thanks to social media. We are very grateful for this Facebook page managed by Gloria Hazel Derby & the maps created by Lou Fuentes as we follow the riders, the support teams & generous communities. Each of us is contributing news, photos and history, what a wonderful movement we are co-creating!

Thank you to everyone who has made this all possible; there are many ways people are supporting this beautiful story. I also want to shout out a thank you to the American Indian Institute at Bozeman, MT which has been the fiscal sponsor for the Dakota 38+2 since the first long ride to Mankato in 2008. It also helped raise funds for the Dakota 38 documentary, sponsored D38 film screenings around the country including San Quentin Prison & the Riders reunion at Spirit Lake, ND last November. Anyone wishing to donate to the Dakota 38+2 Ride may do so through the website, www.twocircles.org. Each donor will receive a receipt for their tax deductible donation.

As a trustee & Co-Vice Chair of the American Indian Institute, I am proud of our non-profit which has quietly supported traditional Indigenous Peoples across North America for over 40 years. Please learn more about our programs supporting the Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth at www.twocircles.org.
- Lisa R Smith

Today my daughter, Mary Jane will join the ride to honor her grandfather, the late Michael "Buggs" Thompson, Jr. My dad participated in this ride each year, but got sick last year in Morton, MN. He passed away a few weeks later on January 3, 2013 after a courageous fight against cancer. Our family is so proud of Mary Jane for finishing out the ride for her Papa Buggs. Praying for safe travels, good weather and a good ride for her, my family, all of the riders, horses and helpers. - Aricka Rose


This young lady will be riding for her late grandfather

permission has been given by her mother to use this photo on here, Thanks Aricka

And the word is spoken, our Ancestors are proud! - Karin Moores


ohhh fresh water! mmmm

for Morton

Meals: all meals on Dec 20, 21, 22 and 23rd and breakfast on the 24th will be served in the Lower Sioux REC Center....
Fri, dec 20th: dinner - - Dakota Wicohan
Sat dec 21st: breakfast - - Dakota Women'sSociety
dinner - - Thompson Family
Sun dec 22nd: breakfast - O'Keefe family
dinner, Columbus Tiwahe
Mon Dec 23rd: breakfast - - Lower Sioux Health Department
dinner - - Lower Sioux Community
Tuesday, dec 24th: breakfast - -Cindi Wittwer
dinner - - Upper Sioux Community in Courtland
Sandee Geshick

and Mankato
By Dakota Wicohan

The Dakota 38+ 2 Ride.. .
Meals for Dec 25th Dinner at 6pm
and Dec 26th Lunch at 1pm
at the United Methodist Chruch at 325 Sherman Street in Mankato. The corner of Blegrade and Sherman in North Mankato. 507-625-3759
If you are staying at the Best Western the front desk clerks will provide maps and directions.
Please bring a dish to share with the riders and supports. Pidamaya ye -

Oyate Duta Ob'Mani Jackson

For donations of $ or food please contact Darwin at 507-430-5246, He can direct you.

Remember, Dec 26 the meal at 1:00 pm is for the runners coming from Fort Snelling and the Riders coming from Lower Brule. - Keith Nichols

We just hit our 2,000th member, Congratulations Kevin Dorman you are that member!!! - Gloria Hazell Derby



Matt Black Eagleman

I believe this is Beans!


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38 Dakota Wokiksuye Jackets
Many riders and supporters who wear these received them as gifts from Josette and Jim Miller in the past years. Now you can have one as well..

The Design is by JB Weston (Dakota) of Flandreau. JB saw the design in a dream

Adult Carhartt Jacket w/full back & 150 year anniversary left chest emblem.
Price $151.00 add $10 shipping & handling Total $161.00

Without 150th anniversary emblem
Price $146.00 plus $10 s/h Total $156.00

Shelley Young
Stadium Sports. Mission, SD.
Debit or Credit cards accepted. .

Keep watching this space each day for news about t-shirts and hoodies...

I ordered a jacket today for Bruce and was told it would take two weeks. - Sheryl Dowlin

Spirits have been communicating even down to this design. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Please click on the photo to see a larger size